Things to Buy for Tea Party Lovers

Things to Buy for Tea Party Lovers

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To maximize our summer fun, the hubby and I decided to hold a garden tea party with our friends over the weekend. Everyone had so much fun joking around and catching up! Unfortunately, one of our teacups actually broke and I was really upset over it. So, the hubby decided to get a new set for me (!!) Afterall, our current set is more than a year old and have scratches on the prints here and there. So, read on for the beautiful tea set that has served me well insofar and for other possible tea sets* you may consider getting for your home.

*All these tea sets were sourced during our Amazon shopping session.

Gracie China by Coastline Imports Pink Summer Rose Chintz Tea Set ($94.27)

For English tea set lovers, the (ex) tea set that we owned was the Gracie China by Coastline Imports Pink Summer Rose Chintz 11-Piece Tea Set.

Best tea set that we found, love, and retired
Photo Credits: Amazon

The this vintage tea set consists of a beautifully-crafted porcelain teapot; a sugar bowl; a creamer holder; and four 7-ounce teacups paired with four saucers. All the above-mentioned are made of porcelain and have matching prints of the lovely pink summer roses, exuding a vintage and elegant vibe concurrently. Another bonus is that the charming prints is able to complement anywhere from the kitchen to the dining and living room. However, do note that the pink summer rose chintz tea set is dishwasher-safe but not safe in microwave. This exquisite tea set collection is a must-buy for those searching for an authentic english afternoon tea experience. Get your tea set from here and arrange a nice, relaxing Saturday afternoon for this upcoming weekend today! Other prints from the Gracie China by Coastline Imports collection also available on Amazon. 

Kendal Glass Tea Set Collection with Warmer ($29.99)

Want a tea set collection that’s unique and classy? Well, you can consider the fully-transparent Kendal Glass Tea Set Collection, which comes with a warmer (bonus!).

Things to buy series - Modern and Chic tea setPhoto Credits: Amazon

I’ve always been a fan of transparent teapots as I like to admire the diffusion of the tea leaves. This beautiful Glass Tea Set Collection from Kendal comes with a teapot with a removable filter cup; a teapot warmer (which should be used with tealight candles); and six 1.7-ounce teacups. The removable filter cup allows the tea leaves to expand entirely, which in turn enables the full infusion of the leaves, making the perfect cup of tea. For those who prefer taking small sips of hot tea throughout the afternoon session, the tiny 1.7-ounce teacups should not be a concern for you. On the other hand, for those who prefer to pour a full cup of tea and let the tea cool down a little before drinking, this glass tea set collection might not be the perfect choice for you. Afterall, the teacups included are relatively small and can be finished in one to two big gulp(s). All the aforementioned pieces included in this glass tea set collection are made entirely of heat-resistant borosilicate glass which is suitable for hot and iced tea and even for coffee brew! The teacups also feature double layers of glass for good thermal insulation; allowing you to hold the teacup without getting scalded. Keep your tea warm throughout your afternoon tea session without the need to boil hot water over and over again with this modern and chic Kendal Glass Tea Set Collection!

casaWare Serenity 7-Piece Tea Set Collection ($69.99)

Simple is more. For those looking for who are in search for something that is simple with a contemporary touch, the casaWare Serenity 7-Piece Tea Set Collection is the one for you!

Japanese (inspired) tea setPhoto Credits: Amazon

The casaWare Serenity Tea Set Collection infuses simplicity and elegance in its design and the ceramic tea set collection contains a well weighted teapot featuring a cool bamboo handle; a stainless steel mesh tea infuser; four 5-ounces white ceramic tea mugs; and a unique bamboo serving tray which measures 9″ x 12″. The teapot and all four tea mugs fit nicely on the bamboo serving tray. The ceramic tea mugs are dishwasher-safe and it is highly recommended to handwash the teapot and bamboo serving tray instead. Purchase this pure white Japanese-inspired casaWare Serenity Tea Set Collection today. 

Eternal Loves Chinese Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set ($23.96)

Tea culture goes a long way back in China and Kung Fu tea is a well-known symbol of this traditional Chinese culture. Tea is usually served to enhance meal experience or to conclude a festive gathering in a spirit of sharing. So what’s more fitting than to serve your guests tea with this authentic Eternal Loves Chinese Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set.

Eternal Loves Chinese Ceramic Kung Fu Tea SetPhoto Credits: Amazon

This traditional Eternal Loves Chinese Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set comprises of a porcelain teapot; and six teacups. With the presence of hot water, the teapot and teacups may show signs of mild cracking. However, there’s nothing to be worried about as it all belongs to the natural phenomenon. Afterall, this traditional tea set is of high quality Chinese kung fu ice crack celadon teapot and teacups. Get this delicate chinese ceramic kung fu tea set from Eternal Loves and share the Chinese tea-drinking tradition with your friends over a cup of Chinese tea today. 

JKCOM Chinese Kung Fu Tea Set Fish Collection ($20.99)

Another Chinese Kung Fu Tea Set that has caught our eyes is the one from JKCOM. We initially saw this design (but in a bowl concept) at a dimsum place in Hong Kong and were scouring high and low for it. However, do note that this set is a miniature set and might not be good for gatherings. As such, we’ve decided not to get this tea set. Regardless, this is definitely a great gift idea if you are looking for cool inexpensive gifts for you tea loving friend. You may refer to the picture below for reference and proceed here for more details on the JKCOM Chinese Kung Fu Tea Set Fish Collection.

JKCOM Chinese Kung Fu Tea Set Fish CollectionPhoto Credits: Amazon

Before summer really ends, you should totally hold a tea party with your family, girlfriends or any group of friends. It’ll surely be a good bonding and catching up session. Oh, and having a tea party is always a good idea for your bridesmaids to get to know each other before your big day! By the way, all the tea set collections also make good housewarming gifts.

Start your Amazon shopping today – one of our most trusted online shopping sites with a huuuuuge collection of items. Know of any other awesome tea set collections? Do let us know by heading over here or dropping us an email at to give us some feedback 🙂 

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