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Is a special someone’s birthday coming up? Celebrating a dating or wedding anniversary with the love of your life? Thinking of creating the perfect unique gift for your loved ones? Personalize your gift today with all the awesome and unique gifts ideas for both him and her with creative do it yourself (DIY) crafts! Although such gift takes a little more time and effort than buying things off the shelves, it will definitely make your bae’s day. On top of birthday, dating anniversary and wedding anniversary, such easy DIY projects and crafts can pass off as a unique handmade christmas gift idea or even handmade valentines gift idea. Trust me, it’ll surely make your special one melt on the spot!

Was previously searching on what to get for the hubby for our dating monthsary earlier and since I’m currently on a long leave, I’ve settled on doing something extra this time round – a handmade one-in-the-world personalized gift for him. Found 101 handmade gifts ideas so read on to get some creative juice flowing..

JOLICE Explosion Box Scrapbook DIY Photo Album

For a little more intense craftaholics, the idea of explosion boxes should not be a new concept. You may proceed here for a general sense and the end product is drop dead gorgeous. For beginners, or those who are just plain lazy, designing an explosion box is no longer a dream with JOLICE Explosion Box Scrapbook DIY Photo Album. 

Arts and craft: JOLICE Explosion Box Scrapbook DIY Photo AlbumPhoto Credits: Amazon

The JOLICE Explosion Box Scrapbook DIY Photo Album set comes with a total of 12 funny cards (which can be personalized with your own photos or doodles); 9 mini envelopes; 6 paper pockets (to store your polaroid memories or love letters); and 4 waterfall cards (to post your photos). The set also comes with other accessories such as stickers, beads, pens, templates, sheets corner stickers, tapes, etc. All accessories are shipped randomly so you may get a different set from your friends or from your previous purchase. What’s important (for me at least) is that it is simple to put the whole box together with a step-by-step instructional video available here. Show off your artistic talent using minimal effort and display your explosive love with the affordable JOLICE Explosion Box Scrapbook DIY Photo Album – The perfect birthday, anniversary, valentines, christmas and even wedding gift to anyone!

Gotideal DIY Scrapbook Album with Storage Box

Want an easier alternative for your first masterpiece? Don’t have ample time to create something so sophisticated as the above-mentioned explosion box? If so, you may consider getting the Gotideal DIY Scrapbook Album with Storage Box which includes some scrapbooking supplies to get you started!

Everything you need for DIY crafts: Gotideal DIY Scrapbook Album with Storage BoxPhoto Credits: Amazon

With measurements of 8.26″ x 4.52″ x 0.71″, the scrapbook album is easily portable yet big enough to contain all your happy moments with your loved ones! If my whole craftaholic spirit gets ignited and creative after completing the explosion box, I’ll seriously consider doing scrapbooks for all my travels with the hubby so we can reminisce our time together. Another plus point for this DIY scrapbook album is that a storage box (9.25″ x 6.69″ x 2.765″) is included, which helps maintain the scrapbook album in pristine condition. Also, with the basic scrapbooking tools (knurling tool; scissors; stickers; stencils; tapes; postcards and pens) packaged, it will definitely help you take the first step out and get you working! Get this simple to make scrapbook album from here which makes an excellent and creative handmade gifts ideas for anyone. 

Me & My Big Ideas Scrapbooking Kit, Our Travels

As mentioned earlier, I’m thinking of doing scrapbooks for my travels with the hubby and was delighted to chance upon Me & My Big Ideas Scrapbooking Kit, Our Travels.

Me & My Big Ideas Scrapbooking Kit, Our Travels Photo Credits: Amazon

This scrapbooking kit includes a variety of contents that are well-coordinated (think travels-themed, duh!), which can help save time from your side. I mean, you don’t have to source for related embellishments or stickers anymore which helps save time, right? This scrapbooking kit also makes fantastic DIY gifts ideas for friends. As you and your friends graduate and proceed to the next step in life, this simple DIY crafts can be used to contain all your grad trip memories. Graduation and grad trip are milestones (graduation and grad trip) to be celebrated and gifting the completed handmade scrapbook to your best friends for keepsake just have an extra meaning to it. A little old school over here but cue ‘Graduation’ song by Vitamin C. The 12″ x 12″ scrapbook album is post bound with top loading and includes 10 double-sided sheet protectors to preserve your crafts and keep the sheets straight for years to come. The kit also includes travels-related papers, ribbons, embellishments and stickers, allowing you to do quick mix-and-match and have a professional looking finished product. This cheap handmade gifts ideas is both creative and thoughtful which can be easily purchased over here

Hand Lettering for Relaxation: An Inspirational Workbook for Creating Beautiful Lettered Art – Paperback 

To beautify all your DIY crafts and unique handmade gift ideas, I strongly recommend you working on your handwriting. I got the book by Amy Latta and it was awesome! The Hand Lettering for Relaxation: An Inspirational Workbook for Creating Beautiful Lettered Art – Paperback includes many easy to follow chapters to teach you on the variety of handwritings (from calligraphy to sans serif) and designs (creating beautiful flowers, ribbons and borders). 

Hand Lettering for Relaxation: An Inspirational Workbook for Creating Beautiful Lettered Art - PaperbackPhoto Credits: My Wacky Reviews

Although also available and cheaper in the Kindle-format, my advice would be to purchase the paperback version as blank pages are included for you to practice. Afterall, lots of practice are needed for you to improve! I had zero knowledge in hand lettering and find this book manageable so for beginners like me, you can totally splurge on this without any worry. So, what are you waiting for? Get it from here now!

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker (10-Pack) 

To work on my calligraphy, I’ve purchased the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker to complement the paperback mentioned earlier! 

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker (10-Pack)Photo Credits: My Wacky Reviews

The Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker is sufficient for beginners to practice on your handwriting as well as blending. The set includes nine different colours as well as a blender pen which is ideal for fine art, illustrations, doodling, journaling, hand lettering, etc. Each pen has a flexible brush tip (made of durable nylon fiber) on one end and a fine tip (for consistency in your lettering) on the other. This art market set, available over here, is a must-buy and great addition for your scrapbook collection!

I hope all these DIY crafts for adults have got you interested in creating your own DIY crafts for your keepsake purpose or as homemade gifts for best friends. Not to worry if you don’t know where to start as there are many do it yourself craft sites that provide you with lovely ideas. 

Know of more unique homemade christmas gift idea, unique homemade gifts for women, unique handmade gifts for men, handmade gift ideas, or better still, free handmade gift ideas? Let us know here or at! We look forward to hearing from you so we can share to the world!

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