The Wedding Bells – Gifts To Give a Newlywed Couple

With a clear correlation (or at least that’s what I think) between year end and weddings, there are so many weddings to attend! Scratching your head over unique wedding gifts for newlyweds? Thinking of practical gifts for newlyweds who have everything? Scouring the web for ideas on unique wedding gifts, cool wedding gifts, nice wedding gifts and personalized wedding gifts for couple? In need of some last minute wedding gift ideas because your initial plan didn’t work out? Don’t worry – we’ve some creative wedding gift ideas for bride and groom to help you out a little!

How Do You Start Choosing Gifts For A Newly Married Couple?

The first and most important thing you’d need to do to kickstart your best wedding gift ideas list is to set your wedding gift budget. Sourcing wedding gift ideas on a budget will definitely help make the process easier through the elimination method – Above your budget? Skip! Below your budget? Get something else to add on to your wedding gifts for bride and groom.

So how much should you budget be? I feel that it’s important to have good wedding gift etiquette (after all it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing) so I’ll ask myself for whom am I getting the wedding gift for. As a general guide, my usual budget(s) are as follows:

  • Looking for wedding gift ideas for friends? $50-$100
  • Wedding gift ideas for bride and groom from bridesmaid? $100-$150
    (Well, you must be close friends to be the bridesmaid in the first place, right?)
  • Choosing the best wedding gift ever for your family member? $150-$200

Then, you will need to choose the type of wedding gift. You may ask what do I mean by the type. Put it simply, questions you’ll need to ask yourself includes – Are you looking for personalized gifts for newlyweds? Or are you thinking of more unique gifts for newlyweds? Want to get some fun wedding gifts for couples? Finding more useful gifts for newlyweds? 

If you’ve found something that is both within your budget and fits the profile of wedding gift that you’re looking for, wait no longer and add it to your cart immediately! To get you started, you may refer to below for my “Top 10 Best Wedding Gifts For The Couple Who Has Everything” list.

Unique Personalized Wedding Gifts For Couples

For couples who have everything under the sun, I would get something closer to heart – such as personalized gifts, engraved gifts or monogrammed couples gifts. The best personalized gifts ideas for wedding couple makes sense as the gift is tailor-made just for them and the newlyweds probably do not have it, yet. Some of the personalized wedding gift ideas for bride and groom who have everything include:

1. OTR-Custom Set of 2 Personalized Wedding Champagne Flutes 

This beautiful set of OTR-Custom Personalized Wedding Champagne Flutes (Mr and Mrs Design) are delicately engraved and makes a great customized unique wedding gift.

OTR-Custom Set of 2 Personalized Wedding Champagne FlutesPhoto Credits: Amazon

This simple and elegant champagne flutes includes free laser engraving (which will not fade or wash off) of the newlywed’s last name as well as their wedding date. The dishwasher-safe champagne flutes holds 5.75 oz of champagne and are made of high quality chip-resistant glass. The champagne flutes from OTR-Custom is designed with quality craftsmanship, specially made and custom engraved in USA, and it features a beautiful twisted stem. Manufactured to last for a lifetime, get this affordable yet classy engraved wedding gifts for bride and groom from here – Let the newlywed celebrate and toast with your thoughtful gift today.

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2. Griffco Personalized Name Coaster – Set of 4

Uniquely made of certified renewable bamboo, the environmentally-friendly Griffco Personalized Name Coaster makes the perfect gift for your buddy’s wedding or even housewarming. 

Griffco Personalized Name Coaster - Set of 4Photo Credits: Amazon

This personalized name coaster set from Griffco comes in a set four coasters, each measuring 4″ x 4″. Engraving is skillfully made in USA and this coaster set is sure to add the perfect touch of elegance for any home. You may choose to engrave either the last name or two first names in a name rectangle – just to note, the orientation of rectangle may vary (as decided by the professionals to produce the best finished product). A date of significance may be included as well. Get this perfect personalized wedding gifts for couple from Amazon today. 

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3. Etnecklace Personalized Wood Wedding Hangers 

The perfect personalized wedding gift for bride from friend or even from her mother, this Etnecklace Personalized Wood Wedding Hangers is sure to touch her heart.

Etnecklace Personalized Wood Wedding HangersPhoto Credits: Amazon

This exquisitely designed wedding hanger allows you to customize even the minute details. You can choose (1) the type of wood you want (which includes wood; chestnut; black; white; and vintage); (2) the colour of the bow tie (from a total of 16 colours); (3) laser-engraved text (on the hanger itself); and (4) the DIY wire lettering. Measuring 15.5″ wide and 0.78″ thick, get this affordable one-of-a-kind unique bride gifts from here to make the bride the happiest one on her big day. 

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Fun Wedding Gifts For Couple

Other unique wedding gifts for couples who have everything can include something funny and cheeky, which will definitely make an impact on the newlyweds! All in the name of fun, some best creative wedding gifts which made it to my top 10 best wedding gifts are:

4. Oh, Susannah Tonight – Not Tonight Throw Pillow Case Cover 

Good as both crazy funny wedding gifts for the couple and bridal shower gifts for the bride, the Oh, Susannah Tonight – Not Tonight Throw Pillow Case Cover is one of my  favourite go-to wedding gift for couple who already live together. 

Oh, Susannah Tonight - Not Tonight Throw Pillow Case CoverPhoto Credits: Amazon

Measuring 18″ x 18″, this fun pillow case cover fits most (if not all) of the pillows. One side features “tonight (woo hoo)” and the other side says “not tonight (sorry)” – the perfect communication tool for the couple 😉 The throw pillow case covers is also made of top-quality silky soft microfiber fabric (comparable to 1,200 thread count), making it extremely durable and comfortable. They are also machine washable and wrinkle-resistant! What are you waiting for? Get this funny wedding shower gifts from here for some laughs!

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5. The Plympton Company Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Glasses Combo

The best wedding gifts for newlyweds come in pairs and a nice wedding gift idea is The Plympton Company Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Glasses Combo. 

The Plympton Company Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Glasses Combo
Photo Credits: Amazon

This Mr Right & Mrs Always Right glasses combo consists of a 16 oz beer pint glass (for him) and 17 oz stemless wine glass (for her). Couples who drink together, stay together – mainly because you get to spend some time alone with each other which helps facilitate communication. This wacky and cute combination is sure to make the couple laugh and is definitely a practical gifts for newlyweds. What are you waiting for? Perfect as young couple wedding gifts, you may get this fun Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Glasses Combo from The Plympton Company here!

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6. Wowelife His & Her Side 4-Piece Duvet Cover Bedding Set (Full) 

For those with a slightly higher budget, you may consider getting the Wowelife His & Her Side Bedding Set (Full), which is included in both my “Top 10 Best Wedding Gifts” and “Top 10 Bridal Shower Gifts” lists.

Wowelife His & Her Side 4-Piece Duvet Cover Bedding Set (Full)Photo Credits: Amazon

Reactive printed, this duvet cover bedding set from Wowelife can be hand-washed and machine-washed. It is 100% cotton and the duvet cover bedding set includes a total of four pieces – one duvet cover (measuring 79″ x 91″); one bed sheet (measuring 91″ x 96″); and two pillowcases (measuring 19″ x 29″). Searching for “funny gifts newlyweds” on Google? Well, this is the perfect piece for you! On a side note, this duvet cover bedding set also makes a good housewarming gift. I received this duvet cover bedding set from my bestie for my housewarming and I loved it! However, the hubby was pretty “upset” over it since he only has slightly less than a quarter of the bed after I change the sheets. But not to worry as all is well! Want a set? Look no further as it is easily available right here. 

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Special Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple

Thoughtful wedding gifts for couples go a long way and they are sure to melt the hearts of the receivers. Often, there is a misconception that wedding gifts should be as expensive as possible. However, it is important to note that wedding gifts for friends need not be extravagant afterall. With that, you may ask “what are good wedding gifts for couples?” or “what’s a good wedding present?”. In actual fact, the best wedding gift ideas stem from gifting from the heart and even cheap wedding gift ideas (if selected correctly) may be considered as the best wedding gift ever.

7. Toast The Firsts Wine Bottle Covers – Marriage Milestones (6 Pack) 

Do the newlyweds enjoy toasting and enjoying a fine wine of glass over cheese? If so, the Toast The Firsts Wine Bottle Covers – Marriage Milestones makes a nice wedding gift, and it’s even perfect as a gift for couple who has everything. 

Toast The Firsts Wine Bottle Covers - Marriage Milestones (6 Pack)
Photo Credits: Amazon

This cheap wedding gift idea is good for those working within a tight budget and it will surely warm the hearts of the newlyweds. For those with a higher budget, you can always buy 6 bottles of wine to pack inside the covers, adding the element of surprise once they unzip the cover.  Alternatively, these wine covers can be part of the wedding gift baskets for newlyweds. The wine bottle covers are one of the best creative wedding gifts around and they are extremely meaningful as they allow the couple to celebrate (and toast to) special milestones in their married life. The wine covers stretch easily over wine bottles can fits up to 750ml bottles. The milestones on the covers include – First Anniversary; First Fight; First Visit from The In-Laws; First New Years; First Dinner Party; and First Valentine’s Day. The Toast The Firsts Wine Bottle Covers are sure to keep the newlyweds’ relationship burning strong. 

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8. Bisou Passionne Champagne Bubble Bath Gift Set

Doesn’t immersing in an exquisite champagne bubble bath with your special someone sound perfect? If your answer is yes, then this product is exactly what you’re looking for! Shower your friends with some love with Bisou Passionne Champagne Bubble Bath Gift Set – the unique wedding gift ideas for bride and groom.

Bisou Passionne Champagne Bubble Bath Gift SetPhoto Credits: Amazon

This one-of-a-kind exclusive champagne bubble bath pops just like a real champagne (this calls for a celebration!) and fills the bath with a fresh sensual fragrance from dozens of pink roses. This quality champagne bubble bath is handmade is USA with 100% all-natural organic ingredients, extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, salt butters and essential oils. This bubble bath also helps moisturize, detoxify and soften the skin as well as to enhance relaxation of the body. Looking for the best unique wedding gifts around? Finding a valentines day gift or anniversary gift for newly weds? Want to get a bridal shower novelty gifts for your bestie? All of these questions have the same answer – Get the affordable and luxurious Bisou Passionne Champagne Bubble Bath Gift Set, which is one of the best wedding gifts for friends and most popular bridal shower gifts out in the market!

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9. East of India Mr & Mrs Heart-Shaped Ring Dish in Gift Box, Porcelain

There are many different gifts to give a newlywed couple but to make it to the my list of top ten wedding gift ideas, the gift must be meaningful. Well-suited as a wedding gift for friend, the cute East of India Mr & Mrs Heart-Shaped Ring Dish definitely captured my heart once I saw it. 

East of India Mr & Mrs Heart-Shaped Ring Dish in Gift Box, PorcelainPhoto Credits: Amazon

In search ideas for gifts for the bride? Check. Finding great gifts for wedding party? Check. Looking for cheap wedding gift? Check. This delicately designed East of India ring dish was created in Great Britain and it allows the newlyweds to place their rings together in the right place at the end of each day – the heart. This beautiful Mr & Mrs Heart-Shaped Ring Dish comes with a matching gift box, which saves you the hassle of wrapping. This is indeed one of the best wedding gifts available. 

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10. PRINZ Our Adventure Fund Bank 

It’s a well-known fact that weddings are very expensive affairs thus, one of the best wedding gift ideas for couple would be a piggy bank. With the PRINZ Our Adventure Fund Bank, the newlyweds will have a higher tendency to save their change to for their future adventures. 

PRINZ Our Adventure Fund BankPhoto Credits: Amazon

Measuring 6″ x 6″, the ‘bank’ features a slot for money on the top as well as a screen-print on the glass front which reads “Our Adventure Fund”. Although on a small side, it makes a nice wedding gift and it encourages the couple to save money to forge new memories together. This is one of my top picks for inexpensive wedding gifts for bride and groom which is practical and meaningful. Get the couple started with their savings with PRINZ today!

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We hope that you’ve gained some inspiration from this Wedding Bells post! Know of other great wedding gifts? Let us know by filling up the form located here or dropping us a note at

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