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I’ve always been a fan of rainbows and whimsical items because of their dreamy nature and their ability to lift someone’s spirits up just like that. I enjoy buying colourful gifts for my close friends who have made a difference in my life because I like thanking them for staying true to themselves, and for brightening up my life with colours that I’ve never imagined exists. I think everyone deserves to find happiness in the simplest things in life – and that boils down to being grateful for people around you and letting them know how much you appreciate them for no special occasion at all. Do you have someone in mind as you’re reading this? If yes, grab something from the virtual rainbow depot here below to tell them Thank You for being a part of your life.

Fred & Friends Flying Colours Rainbow Tape Dispenser

Saying farewell? A cool gift idea for your soon-to-be ex-colleague or best friend heading off to another State college, Fred & Friends Flying Colours Rainbow Tape Dispenser is now up for grabs on Amazon and will definitely send warm, fuzzy love to their way!

Fred & Friends Flying Colours Rainbow Tape DispenserPhoto Credits: Amazon

Besides being a thoughtful gift for friends, this tape dispenser is also suitable for those who loves to create handmade crafts. With measurements of 3.9″ x 2.2″ x 2.2″, the flying colours rainbow tape dispenser is compact and lightweight; allowing you to create crafts filled with love on-the-go. With the inclusion of a vibrant roll of colourful washi tape, get ready to make a statement with a splash of rainbow. This Fred & Friends flying colours rainbow tape dispenser set is sure to enliven the room, especially on a gloomy day.

Rainbow Poop External Battery Portable Charger (2600mah)

The DBigness Rainbow Poop External Battery Portable Charger on Amazon is both functional and portable – a unique gift idea suitable for all ages!

Rainbow Poop External Battery Portable ChargerPhoto Credits: Amazon

Manufactured using high quality rechargeable batteries, this colourful poop portable charger has a long battery (more than 500 times!) life cycle design. The reliable quality lithium batteries also provide safe and saturation power for all your electronic devices with just a plug of a cable. This wacky PVC portable charger’s dimensions are 3.05″ x 0.78″ x 3.15″ (L x B x H) and includes a 50cm Micro-USB cable. This is the perfect gift to surprise someone today.

Rainbow Wind Chime

For Disney lovers, this Blue Handworks Rainbow Wind Chime is a must-have for the household (think: Pocahontas’ Colours of The Wind). To purchase the wind chime as a housewarming gift, you may do so here.

Rainbow Wind Chime
Photo Credits: Amazon

Exquisitely-crafted, the rainbow wind chimes is made of glass and wood. The rich and bold sandblasted glass in leaf-shapes create a pleasant soothing sound as the wind blows. Moreover, this rainbow garden decor is weatherproof and easily-maintained.

Rainbow Glass Eiffel Tower-Shaped Night Desk Lamp

I bought a beautiful rainbow glass Eiffel Tower-shaped night desk lamp from Hong Kong previously and was delighted to find an identical piece on DHGate.

Rainbow Glass Eiffel Tower-Shaped Night Desk LampPhoto Credits: My Wacky Reviews

With LED string of lights installed in the Rainbow Glass Eiffel Tower-shaped bottle, the night lamp will produce colourful effects when lighted up. The LED lights are USB-powered and is energy efficient; ensuring that the night desk lamp remains cool throughout. Ideal as a decorative piece for any setting, there’s only one word to describe this lamp – breathtaking. Get one today as a houewarming gift or as a gift for the love of your life to remind her that she brings colours to your life and she lights up your life. 

Lewo Rainbow Wooden Stacking Board Game

Jenga with a twist, the Lewo Wooden Stacking Board Game available on Amazon is the perfect entertainment option for a party and as an interesting gift idea for kids.

Rainbow Wooden Stacking Board GamePhoto Credits: Amazon

With a total of 48 colourful building blocks and a die, the Lewo rainbow wooden stacking board game is the perfect family-bonding game. Well-loved by both adults and children, this board game is easy to grasp and very straightforward. Players will take turns to roll the die then carefully remove on block of the colour shown on the die. Upon successful removal, the player will then need to reposition it on top of the tower of blocks, without knocking it over.

This wooden stacking board game allows better hand-eye coordination and colour recognition, which is strongly recommended for children! Besides being a Jenga with a twist, these colourful blocks can be used for other purposes as well. For example, kids can use these blocks as dominoes which will help develop Math, Science, Spatial and Tactile skills, or they can use these blocks to create different animals or anything at all, subjected to their imagination.

Lewo rainbow wooden stacking board game is sure to keep your guests entertained all night long!

Rainbow Hand Spinner

Initially created for anxiety autism stress relief, the fidget hand spinner is taking the world by storm. With that, the Top-Notch Rainbow Fidget Hand Spinner on Amazon is here to help reduce stress and keep people focused.

Fidgetabit Rainbow Hand SpinnerPhoto Credits: Amazon

With stress levels increasing exponentially in today’s society, the Fidgetabit Rainbow Fidget Hand Spinner aims to help users deal with anxiety in the most basic way, assisting users to make better informed decisions. 

Equipped with the high-grade R188 steel ball bearings and a well-balanced rainbow outer frame, the Fidgetabit hand spinner provides longer spin times (of at least 2 mins!). For those who loves to perform mix-and-match, the steel ball bearings can be removed and upgraded to one of your liking.

The ideal toy to carry around – because it is small and discrete – this rainbow fidget hand spinner makes a unique gift for the geek in us all.

Fredericks & Mae Rainbow Playing Cards

Enjoying playing card games during your gatherings? Love drinking games? If your answer to either question is yes, then Fredericks & Mae Rainbow Playing Cards, as shown on MoMA,  is the best bet for you!

Cool things to buy - Fredericks & Mae Rainbow Playing CardsPhoto Credits: MoMA

Fredericks & Mae are Brooklyn-based designers who have created this unique, one-of-a-kind set of playing cards which features a full spectrum of rainbow colours. Included with this set of rainbow playing cards when purchased is a mini booklet with history, lore and game instructions, as well as a description of the designers. 

Colourful Rainbow Stuffed Teddy Bear

Looking for cute things to buy? The next featured rainbow stuffed teddy bear was won by the hubby at Las Vegas Circus Circus Hotel & Resort. I love it so much thus, I had to find a similar piece for all of you. I did a search and managed to find one – Wewill Colourful Rainbow Stuffed Teddy Bear with LED Night Light – on Amazon.

Our favorite gift idea - Colourful Rainbow Stuffed Teddy BearPhoto Credits: My Wacky Reviews

Wewill colourful rainbow stuffed teddy bear features a LED night light (mine doesn’t) which is suitable for kids; helping them sleep more comfortably at night. The rainbow stuffed teddy bear from Wewill is designed with delicate satin accents accompanied with ultra-soft plush, making it very huggable for your little one. Moreover, it is machine-washable; ensuring that the stuffed teddy bear always smells fresh and it is safe to play.

Just to note, the LED night light runs on 3 x AA batteries, which is not included in the set. Quickly get your hands on this cuddly colourful rainbow stuffed teddy bear that makes a great gift for her as well as a nice companion for your child today.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our post and that the rainbow items have brightened up your day! As usual, we’d love to hear from you at or you may fill up the form here. 

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