Minions Ba-Nah-Nahs Gifts Ideas

Just brought our nephew and niece to watch Despicable Me 3 and it was hilarious! If you’ve not already done so, do get tickets for the next available show now. With yet another successful film by the Despicable Me franchise, it is no wonder why the minions have captured hearts all over the world. That said, are you wondering how you can be turn into one of the minions and join them on their once-in-a-lifetime adventure? We have compiled the cutest and wackiest things to buy in the market below to ensure that you’re part of the minions gang (yay ba-nah-nahs!) or for you to find cool and unique birthday gift ideas. 

Minions Skimp Sleep Shirt

The first step to becoming a Minion would be to look like one. I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve found on Walmart – the Minions Skimp Sleep Shirt!

Minions Skimp Sleep ShirtPhoto Credits: Walmart

Made of 60:40 ratio of cotton and polyester respectively, this soft French terry fabrication is perfect for sleeping and lounging around the house. For convenience sake, this bright banana-yellow Minions skimp sleep shirt features a front zip pocket for you to keep your phone while doing the dishes or to hide the TV remote away from the others! Feeling playful or wish to gain that special someone’s attention while he’s caught up with his computer games? Unzip the front zip pocket to reveal the bright red mouth and tongue right at his face! 😛

With a range of sizes – from regular all the way up to plus size – available, you’ve no excuse not to get this fun piece for a sleepover. Do you feel more comfortable in tees and bottoms but still want to be minionized? Well, don’t be too disappointed because you may browse through the Minions Despicable Me 3 Sleep Collection by Walmart here for something made just for you. Hooray to more bah-nah-nahs parties!

Minion Knit Peruvian Beanie

Want to go the additional mile and look like a Minion out of your house? You’re now able to resemble Dave with the yellow Minion Knit Peruvian Beanie which can be purchased from here.

Minions Knit Beanie
Photo Credits: Amazon

This Minion knit peruvian beanie measures roughly 1.2″ x 8.7″ x 10.7″ and is only available in one size. Made of acrylic with fleece lining, the Minion beanie isn’t very stretchy. The Minion beanie is superb for keeping your head warm during winter and good for dressing up for Halloween parties. A great Birthday or Christmas gift idea!

Zak! Designs Minion “I Need Coffee” Ceramic Mug

Who says Minions do not have Monday morning blues just like the rest of us? Start your day on the right foot with your daily dose of coffee using the original Zak! Designs Minion “I Need Coffee” Ceramic Mug, available on Amazon.  

Zak! Designs Minion "I Need Coffee" Ceramic Mug Photo Credits: Amazon

Measuring 4.8″ in Diameter and 3.8″ in Height, this attractive Zak! Designs Minion Ceramic Mug is sturdy and retains heat well – an ideal option to hold your favourite hot beverage to kickstart your day. Despite being priced at an affordable range, the Zak! Designs Minion ceramic mug does not compromise on quality. It is dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe (perfect for a cup of hot milk) and completely BPA-free. 

This Minion ceramic mug is undeniably a cute addition for the kitchen and a lovely all-occasion gift idea for the secret-Minion in all of us!

Tactic Games Minions Hit Them Out Board Game

With the Tactic Games Minions Hit Them Out Board Game, you can be assured that your minion-theme party is now complete. This Minion board game is sure to keep your guests entertained for hours, while sticking closely to the your theme. Wait no more to purchase it, and head over to Amazon now.

Tactic Games Minions Hit Them Out Board GamePhoto Credits: Amazon

For at least two players, the Minions Hit Them Out Board Game is a fun-filled ball tossing game which is suitable for both children and adults. The aim of the game is very simple – that is, to try knock down as many Minions figurines as possible with the bean bag provided. Each Minion knocked over will add to the player’s total points and the first player to score 20 points wins! Here’s the catch: The two-eyed Minions will give the player double the points so do aim for them. 

This entertaining board game can be played both indoors and outdoors so you do not have to be troubled about wet weather plans. The board game helps improve eye coordination and math skills (well, you’ll need to accumulate the points as you play) for the young ones. Don’t worry about the durability of the Minion figurines as they are made of high-quality parts which will not fall apart should you throw a little too hard! Great for you or as a gift for your hardcore board game buddy.

Quick Tip: Even if you decide not to play the board game in the end, you can always add the seven unique Minion figurines to your Minions personal collection. 

Minions Electric Battery-Powered Car

A minion travelling in a Minions Electric Battery-Powered Car from Walmart sounds just about right! This wacky 6-volt electric battery-powered rocket car is in the signature banana-yellow with adorable decals plastered all over the ride-on. 

Minions Electric Battery-Powered Car Photo Credits: Walmart

The Minions electric battery-powered ride-on acts pretty much like an actual car. It features a working horn as well as a mounted Minion-made Fartblaster (yes, this produces fart sound effects). The Minions ride-on also includes a MP3 socket with cord for you to plug your phone / iPod in. This allows the young one to sing along to their favourite music while cruising. For safety reasons, the electric Minions car has a maximum speed of 2.5mph. Fitted with faux missile accents for dramatic effects, this Minions electric-battery powered car will definitely be able to please any child and it certainly is an exciting and unique gift!

Jozabe Mischievous Minions Series Waterproof Bath Shower Curtains

For those who secretly likes the Minions but wish to stay low key about it, the Jozabe Mischievous Minions Series Waterproof Bath Shower Curtains on Amazon is made just for you.

Minion Shower Curtains
Photo Credits: Amazon

With two sizes available (66″ x 72″ and 60″ x 72″), this Minions waterproof bath shower curtains fits standardized bath tubs and helps to prevent water from splashing out of the shower stall. The Minions shower curtains is made of tough polyester fabric which ensures its durability and also makes it very easy to clean. This Minions shower curtains also includes 12 rings which will be used to hang the shower curtains up by going through the holes at the top.

A cheeky housewarming gift idea or to surprise your other half who absolutely adore the Minions!

Now, we are all ready to raid the world with ba-nah-nahs!

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