Living Room Housewarming Gifts Ideas

We finally moved in to our new home¬†and are so hyped to share with all of you our amazing buys! We will be sharing in parts (i.e. living room, kitchen and bedroom) so do stay tuned for the next few posts for the perfect housewarming gift ideas – we promise you wouldn’t be disappointed ūüôā

The first impression counts and this is not only true for a person but for a house as well. The first area people would take note and form impression of would be your living room therefore, it is imperative to set your theme right over there. Both of us are strong believers of minimalist design and after combing through the web for ideas, we have learned that the general rule of the thumb is efficient use of space and maximizing storage space wherever possible.

Birdhouse Keyholder Rack

Key storage has been an issue since the beginning of time and this is especially true for those absent-minded (i.e. the hubby who forgets to bring his keys out at least once a week) who regularly misplaces his / her keys. With that in mind, we decided to get a key holder rack to be placed near the door. Placing it at eye level will remind the hubby to grab his keys before heading for his nights out with the boys (which helps prevent myself from being woken up from my beauty sleep) and gone are the days where I need to search highs and lows for my keys hidden under piles of magazines and books.

We got the key holder rack from our trip to Hong Kong the month before. I love how our key holder rack acts as a decorative piece and does not stand out as a sore thumb (imagine ugly metal hooks near the door). ¬†The birds nest / house is easily installed using a 3M tape attached on the back. Oh, and besides having a bird as your keychain now, the bird doubles up as a whistle for you to gain attention or receive assistance in the event of an emergency. It is indeed killing two birds with one stone –¬†(failed) pun intended.

Birdhouse Keyholder RackPhoto Credits: My Wacky Reviews

Not going to Hong Kong soon? Fret not because Amazon has similar quirky key holder racks up for grabs! And if you wish to go for the basics, you may head over to Ikea for similar items.

Modway Remark loveseat in Sunny & Primark Gray Suede Cushion

One of the top priorities for the living room would be to choose THE best loveseat available in the market. Afterall, you would probably spend majority of your time on it for chill Netflix dates. We found a winner for our living room Рthe wacky Modway Remark loveseat in Sunny Рfrom Walmart. Point to note, Modway Remark loveseat is also available on Amazon, at a slightly higher price point though. 

Modway Remark LoveseatPhoto Credits: Walmart

The entire ordering and delivery process took around two weeks but should you need the loveseat urgently, Walmart allows pickup from various stores across the country subjected to availability.

The overall dimensions for Modway Remark loveseat is 61.5″ x 32″ x 32″ (L x B x H) and can carry a maximum weight of 662 lbs. The mid-century modern-style loveseat ¬†is 100-percent polyester¬†and¬†has a natural rubberwood finishing. With non-marking foot caps installed, you can heave a sigh of relief that your new floor tiles will not be scratched or damaged. The loveseat also requires no assembly (perhaps the most important consideration from the hubby’s point-of-view).¬†

On the whole outlook, I like how the sunny Modway Remark loveseat sits right in the middle of our living room, brightening up the whole place. The colour is true to the picture and the loveseat gives a contemporary / scandinavian vibe which is precisely what we are trying to achieve.

The 100-percent polyester makes the loveseat extremely comfortable and durable. The Modway Remark loveseat has a sturdy frame which does not wobble or twist. The loveseat’s (detachable) foam cushions lean more towards the stiff side – So for those looking for soft loveseats, which you can sink right into the cushions, this is¬†not the one for you. This suits those who prefers something slightly firmer.¬†

Personally, I feel that the size of the loveseat is just right for the both of us. I would prefer for the armrest to be higher though because now it does not provide the arm with much support. Other than that, I have no complaints at all! For more chic colour options, you may view the loveseat catalogue on Walmart. Also, should you wish to get a matching armchair, it is also available here. Found the exact same Modway Remark loveseat available on Amazon, albeit slightly more expensive. 

As for the sofa pillows to go with our Modway Remark loveseat, we headed down to Primark Boston Downtown Crossing for some shopping. In the end, we got the neutral-toned Gray Suede Cushion for easy-matching and to ensure that it does not steal the limelight from the sunny loveseat. 

Grey Suede CushionPhoto Credits: Primark

The sofa pillows are soft, comfortable to hug / rest and of a premium quality. Despite all the advantages, they were very affordable! The only downside? You will need to lug them home yourself as there is no online store, unfortunately. The sofa pillows are great add-ons to the loveseat definitely.

Monarch Metal Coffee Table in Glossy White / Chrome

Besides the loveseat, it is crucial to find the perfect coffee table. We settled on the Metal Coffee Table in Glossy White / Chrome by Monarch, available on Amazon or Walmart. Unlike the Modway Remark Loveseat, Monarch Metal Coffee Table is priced similar across Amazon and Walmart. In the end, we purchased on Amazon instead of Walmart because of shorter lead time required. 

Monarch Coffee TablePhoto Credits: Amazon

The coffee table arrived in a compact box and was meticulously bubble-wrapped. Although the coffee table had mild scratches on the sides, it was negligible and was in an overall good condition. Assembly of the coffee table was simple and it took the hubby about 20-30 minutes in total. Once ready, the assembled table measured 44″ x 22″ x 17″ (L x B x H) which has sufficient space for magazines, books and even a flower centrepiece.¬†

I love how the Monarch Metal Coffee Table has a chic criss-cross chrome metal base which is unique and trendy. Moreover, the metal base provides great support for the table. The white polished finishing of the coffee table surface is also desirable as it makes the coffee table look more classy and sleek. The contemporary design of the coffee table certainly blends in well with the entire theme of our living room; adding a modern chic touch to our humble abode. A great buy indeed!

A2Z Rug (Cozy Shaggy Collection) in Solid Cloud Gray

In order to prevent scratches on the floor tiles because of the coffee table, we decided to get a rug. We both agreed on the A2Z Rug (Cozy Shaggy Collection) in solid cloud gray, available on Amazon. 

Solid Rug.jpgPhoto Credits: Amazon

The rug arrived in perfect condition and looked exactly like the pictures shown on Amazon. The cozy cloud gray rug measures 3 x 5 ft; which makes it slightly bigger than our Monarch coffee table. The thickness and softness of the shag makes it very comfortable to step on and even for kids (our nephew and niece enjoyed it so much!) to play or crawl on. The A2Z rug is of a premium quality and is a bargain for its price. Made of polypropylene, the A2Z rug does not shed nor smell, unlike many other brands. 

For the cons, the rug moves a little here and there thus a non-skid pad would be great. The edges of the rug also curls up sometimes but this can easily be solved by placing something heavy for a day or two and it will go back to its original flat state.

In conclusion, I like the the homely touch this rug has brought about and how the colour matches our Primark soft pillows. No regrets purchasing it!

Monarch TV Stand with One Drawer

Moving on to the last item for our reviews today Рthe TV Stand. We wanted something to go well with the general feel of our living room and so, we decided to look more at Monarch items. We were ecstatic when we found the white Monarch TV Stand with one drawer, again available on both Amazon and Walmart. The cost of the TV stand and the delivery date are approximately the same across both platforms so at the end of the day, you would just need to choose which platform you are more comfortable with.

Monarch TV StandPhoto Credits: Amazon

We bought our TV stand from Amazon, to be delivered together with our coffee table. It arrived bubble-wrapped in pristine condition. As mentioned earlier, it is important to use space efficiently and to increase storage space wherever possible. Hence, despite having our TV mounted on the wall, we decided to get a TV stand anyway for media storage solutions. This chic-artsy TV stand is made up of sturdy thick panels, feasible for heavier items storage. It features open-concept shelves together with a drawer. The laminated finishing also makes cleaning easy with a wet cloth. 

It took the hubby around an hour to assemble with the instructions manual and at the end of it, it was all worth it. The assembled TV stand measured 60″ x 16″ x 24″ (L x B x H) and it looked amazing! The drawer, although appears to be a little small, was deep and could hold so many things. With this TV stand in place, our living room looks really neat and tidy; always ready for a spot-check!

Love our furniture? Wait no longer and get yours now with all the links provided above! In total, we created our loving fully-furnished living room for slightly above $800, together with decorative items from Amazon and Primark. 

Please shoutout to us at to let us know what you think of our purchases and if you have any recommendations for our home!

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