Kitchen Housewarming Gifts Ideas

We managed to grab incredibly cool deals for our kitchen and can’t wait to share them with all of you! They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach thus, what’s more important than delicately picking the cookware that will be used to cook and the dinnerware that will be used to serve?

Jokes aside, I do enjoy whipping a few home-cooked dishes for the hubby to savour after his long day at work. As such, I fully value good cookware which will help enhance his overall dining experience. Besides, the hubby enjoys baking, which is why we sourced for various baking tools and utensils as well (baking tools and utensils will be reviewed by the hubby at a later date)

T-fal Signature Nonstick Expert Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Cookware Set

The cookware that we picked should not be a stranger to any of you. It is the already well-established T-fal Signature Nonstick Expert Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Cookware Set, available on both Amazon and Walmart. We bought it from Amazon in the end because it was slightly cheaper and it could reach us faster.  

T-fal Signature Nonstick Expert Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Cookware SetPhoto Credits: Amazon

T-fal has always been my go-to cookware set brand because it was the first few brands which introduced the magic of nonstick technology. T-fal cookware set has the signature nonstick interior and exterior for easy cooking and cleaning.  The nonstick interior, coupled with an even surface, was created to distribute heat quickly. Also, it is precisely with that coating, the cookware is extremely durable and scratch-resistant. The added capability of a thermo-spot heat indicator ensures proper pre-heating of the cookware; informing me of the perfect time to commence cooking. T-fal’s heat-resistant handles were also designed with the end-user in mind; allowing a comfortable and firm grip of the cookware, without you having to worry that you would scorch yourself.

In case you were wondering (just like the hubby), the cookware set is dishwasher-safe for lazy days. Another plus point would be that the cookware set is oven-safe up to 350 deg.  A great buy indeed!

Threshold™ Stoneware 16-piece Dinnerware Set

We were thinking of somewhere along the line of chic and stylish for our dinnerware. We browsed so many online catalogues and in the end, we singled out Threshold™ Stoneware 16-piece Dinnerware Set from Target.

Threshold™ Stoneware 16-piece Dinnerware SetPhoto Credits: Target

The Threshold™ Stoneware 16-piece Dinnerware Set arrived promptly (within a week) and was in excellent condition. There was a slight scratch on the base of one of the mugs but that didn’t really bother me at all since it wasn’t obvious. We have been using the dinnerware set on a daily basis for more than a month now and everything is still hanging in there despite harsh treatment by the clumsy hubby so the dinnerware set is of a premium quality – I kid you not. The Threshold™ Stoneware 16-piece Dinnerware Set consists of: 

  • 4 x Dinner Plate (10.75″)
  • 4 x Side Plate (8.375″)
  • 4 x Bowl (5.75″)
  • 4 x Mug (W 3.875″ x L 5.25″) 

As the name suggests, the dinnerware set is made of stoneware with glazed finishing and it is both dishwasher and microwave-safe (for our lazybones). Threshold™ was our ultimate winner for our dinnerware set because the bold and fun solid colours really appealed to us. We opted for solid colour instead of designs on the plate as the designs may cause us to lose focus of what is important to us – the food. Instead, we envisioned that the solid coloured plates will accentuate the presentation of the food. Overall, we love how the dinnerware set screams wacky right in our faces. 

Kate Spade Stemless His and Hers Wine Glasses & Primark Ombre Wine Glasses

Besides Threshold™ dinnerware set, we were still short of glassware for our weekend routine (i.e. Enjoying each other’s company with wine and cheese). In the end, we decided to toast every weekend in the Stemless His and Hers Wine Glasses by Kate Spade, available on Amazon. 

Kate Spade Stemless His and Hers Wine GlassesPhoto Credits: Amazon

The glassware arrived in perfect condition, without any scratches. It was also beautifully packaged in a Kate Spade box (!!). I love the timeless classic design of this his and hers pair and the wordings were carefully etched on the glasses. Definitely worth the price and it makes a great engagement, wedding or even anniversary (if you want your spouse to keep his / her hands off your drinks) gift!

On top of that, the hubby suggested to get plastic wine glasses in the event we wish to drink while soaking in the hot tub. As a result, we got a set of four affordable Ombre Wine Glasses from Primark Boston Downtown Crossing.

Primark Ombre Wine GlassesPhoto Credits: Primark

I’m a huge fan of Ombre so this set of ombre wine glasses went straight into my cart while we were shopping at the Primark Home section. Don’t you think this ombre wine glasses look so chic and avant-garde – luring you to keep drinking and to have yet another glass of wine. Another plus point of drinking using plastic wine glasses is that you can now say goodbye to accidentally breaking your wine glass when you get a little too tipsy. 

Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Centre

While browsing the web, we chanced upon a machine which has the capability on preparing breakfast and coffee at the same time. To our delight, we managed to find a similar item sold on both Amazon and Walmart – The Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Centre in blue. 

Elite Cuisine Maxi-Matic 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast CentrePhoto Credits: Walmart

The Maxi-Matic 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Centre that we bought through Walmart arrived in superb condition. It was compact which mainly has the following three functions:

  1. Coffeemaker (for the must-have morning coffee intake);
  2. Nonstick Griddle (for frying crispy aromatic bacon to give you an energy-booster); and
  3. Toaster Oven (for toasting biscuits to keep you warm inside out)

The coffeemaker can brew a total of 4 cups which is ample for just the hubby and myself. The nonstick griddle is 6″ in diameter which is wide enough for you to fry an egg, bacon or even sausage. The toaster oven is operated using simple controls which can adjust the temperature, time and function. The toaster oven also features a 15-minute timer and indicator light for easy-tracking. It was easy to clean up after cooking – although I would have still have preferred it to be slightly bigger. 

We currently use the coffeemaker on a daily basis but have only used the nonstick griddle and toaster oven a couple of times. I will definitely want to do some trial and errors with the machine when I’m done unpacking the boxes still lying around the house. Anyhow, it was a wonderful buy and I had fun with the hubby exploring the functions together. The Elite maxi-matic 3-in-1 multifunction breakfast centre just wow-ed us completely!  

Wink 14-Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set

Out of curiosity, we purchased Wink 14-Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set from Amazon which includes lab-themed glass containers, which are dishwasher-safe, such as:

  • 1 x Metal Rack (Approx. 10.5″ x 3.5″ x 7.75″)
  • 1 x Large Flask (Diameter 3.25″ x Height 5.75″) 
  • 3 x Lab Flask (Diameter 1.9″ x Height 3.25″) 
  • 9 x Test Tube (Diameter 1″ x Height 3″) 

Wink 14-Piece Chemistry Spice Rack SetPhoto Credits: Amazon

Upon arrival, the chemistry spice rack was in acceptable condition – we realised there were minor scratches here and there but they weren’t obvious so we did not ask for an exchange. The flask containers (Oil, Sugar, Salt and Pepper) have labels affixed on them while the test tubes were bare. A sheet of stickers is provided and you get to select the (nine) most commonly used spices in your home. Be careful when you do stick on the test tubes as you would want them to be of the same height for aesthetic purpose.  

It is a unique gift idea for a chemist who loves to cook or even for anyone at all . With the chemistry spice rack, it seems as though you’re involved in an experiment by mixing the various chemicals to whip up the ultimate dish to-die-for. In my opinion, while the whole chemistry spice rack has a cool presentation and is nice to look at, it is not very functional when it comes to actual cooking. But wait, who’s complaining if it makes you look cool? It can very well just serve as a decorative item for the kitchen.  

True Snowflake Silicon Ice Cube Tray

Inspired by the Frozen movie (which we watched with our niece again), we bought a Snowflake Silicon Ice Cube Tray by True, from Amazon, all in the name of fun. 

True Snowflake Silicon Ice Cube Tray
Photo Credits: Amazon

The snowflake silicon ice tray was well-packaged and reached in great condition. The ice tray also did not have any odour. Upon the receipt of the ice tray, I immediately washed it and started using it! I couldn’t believe how intricate the ice looked when I first took them out from the freezer – even the hubby was impressed and started singing Let It Go. Additionally, good news for those who are thinking of using this nonstick silicone tray to make chocolates or bake muffins because the tray is both dishwasher-safe and oven-safe. This mold is perfect for a DIY Christmas gift (imagine snowflake chocolates!) or for a Frozen-theme party. The boo parts of this tray for me was that the tray and ice cubes were way smaller than what I expected. Also, for those with short nails, you might have a little trouble retrieving the ice from the tray. 

This post pretty much sums up our Kitchen Housewarming Gifts Ideas, aside from the baking tools which will be covered by the hubby after he finishes his project (in probably a few weeks time). 

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