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16 July: Things to Buy for National Ice-Cream Day

Hold your excitement no more because the long-awaited National Ice-Cream Day is finally arriving! Commemorate one of the most favourite national celebrations nationwide by discovering all the cute and wacky ice-cream themed items out for grabs.

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All Things Magnetic – Things To Buy For The Workspace

We spend majority of our time (unfortunately) at the office. So, why not upgrade your plain ol’ office desk to the coolest workplace ever? Read on for the list of cool and wacky magnetic items we’ve reviewed. Say yay to spending your 9am-5pm everyday at the office now.

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Things To Buy This Summer

Summer is finally here which equates to P A R T Y! Summer is my favourite time of the year cause it means bye to thick layerings of clothes, non-stop partying and catching up with friends, and long romantic walks. Are you excited for the summer love? Read on to find a compiled list of things to buy this summer.