Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas

I was clearing up some boxes just now when I came across the white elephant gift that I received last Christmas gathering. At that moment, wonderful memories from that night came rushing back and I couldn’t help but to smile to myself. That christmas gathering was the first time the hubby and I participated in a white elephant gift exchange. Being introduced to this new concept with no clue what to expect, we were desperately combing through the web for “best white elephant gifts ideas, unique white elephant gifts, white elephant gift exchange, etc.” but to little avail.

With that, I’ve decided to do up this post to help you brainstorm on possible white elephant gifts ideas to charm potential party-goers. As an introduction, white elephant gifts exchange (also known as Yankee Swap in selected places) is customarily fun and high-spirited with party-goers exchanging gifts that are wacky, eccentric and silly. The purpose of having a white elephant gifts exchange is to entertain and hopefully, a few years down the road all of you will reminisce that particular pleasant and amusing night (which I happened to do so today).

A tip to keep in mind when choosing your white elephant gift: The gift is meant to be unpredictable and ridiculous – It is meant to make someone laugh so don’t keep questioning yourself “Will that person like this? Is it useful?”. Rather, you should ask yourself “Will this gift be remembered in years to come?”.


The white elephant gift that I received was an OSTRICHPILLOW Travel Pillow. Other colours for the OSTRICHPILLOW range are available on Amazon.

OSTRICHPILLOW Travel Pillow Photo Credits: Amazon

OSTRICHPILLOW markets itself on its ergonomic design and microbeads filling which give the user maximum comfort anywhere and everywhere. OSTRICHPILLOW prides itself on providing the user an immersive environment for power naps with an ideal 360° protection for your neck and head. Simply slip the OSTRICHPILLOW travel pillow over your head and you’re good to make your way to dreamland! The central hole right smack in the middle is the opening meant for your mouth to facilitate breathing; and the two holes located at the sides of the OSTRICHPILLOW travel pillow is for flexibility-sake; just in case you wish to rest your arms through it.

Some might consider this to be the perfect white elephant gift because it is functional yet causes inconvenience to its user. Its bulky nature (15″ x 12″ x 6″) makes it difficult for the user to bring along for his / her travels. However, I feel that it is a unique and thoughtful gift idea which can be hugely useful for a leisure getaway and not for a business trip. Afterall, you’ll look pretty silly carrying the OSTRICHPILLOW travel pillow around in your business suit and tie.

OSTRICHPILLOW Travel Pillow in Yellow MellowPhoto Credits: My Wacky Reviews

I’ve only used the travel pillow once for our long-haul flight to Hong Kong. I think that the OSTRICHPILLOW travel pillow has indeed revolutionized travel pillows; making flights way more comfortable and enjoyable! The hubby got his already – what are you waiting for? Click here to purchase now!

Nanda Home Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

The white elephant gift that my hubby received from that Christmas gathering was Nanda Home Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels in black. For more colour options, you may check it out here.

Clocky Alarm ClockPhoto Credits: Amazon

This wacky alarm clock was an interesting addition for the hubby and I’d say it suited him perfectly just because he is not a morning person! Clocky is an intelligent alarm clock which beeps non-stop (trust me, he gets really irritating after awhile) and starts running around the room. This forces the user to get off the bed (literally) to stop the alarm from ringing – superb for those who have a habit of snoozing.

Clocky features customizable snooze time with an option to disable the wheels function – well, everyone deserves to laze on the bed every Saturday morning and to kickstart the day at a later time. Nanda Home Clocky alarm clock is the foolproof white elephant gift for everyone!

Zoomer Interactive Puppy

The third white elephant gift idea would be Zoomer Interactive Puppy which is available here. Although primarily targeted for kids, this interactive puppy makes a great white elephant gift for adults as well (especially those who yearns for companionship of a pet, without having the luxury of time to take care of it).

Zoomer Interactive PuppyPhoto Credits: Amazon

Zoomer Interactive Puppy – Shadow is a smart puppy who behaves just like a real-life puppy. You can teach him to perform a variety of tricks (e.g. Sit, Paw, Rollover, etc.) in different languages – namely English, Spanish and French. You’ll need to be patient when teaching Shadow the different tricks though; he might not automatically listen to your command immediately, and he might learn some tricks faster than the others. 

Looking for a new best friend? Get Shadow now and he will run, play, wag his tail and win your heart with his cute puppy eyes! Thinking of other interactive pets? Head over to Amazon now. 

Mr. Maria Miffy Dimmable LED Light

Measuring nearly 9.8″ x 9.8″ x 19.7″ (L x B x H), the Mr. Maria Miffy Dimmable LED Light makes a great white elephant idea! Miffy should not be a stranger to any of you as it is the iconic bunny, which is a well-loved storybook character. You may purchase the Miffy dimmable LED light from Amazon.

Mr Maria Miffy Dimmable LED LightPhoto Credits: Amazon

This Miffy bunny is made of heat-resistant polyethylene and features a dimmable LED light. It is a fun-loving decorative lamp for both kids and adults alike. Because of its considerable size, when lighted up, the Miffy LED light works just like any other floor lamp which helps brighten up the room. With the dimmable LED light component, you have the option to adjust the Miffy bunny LED light to exude a warm, soft glow to accompany your little one to bed.

DecoBREEZE Pineapple Figurine Two-Speed Electric Circulating Fan

The last white elephant gift idea for the day is the DecoBREEZE Pineapple Figurine Two-Speed Electric Circulating Fan, which can be purchased here. Shaped like a pineapple, this electric circulating fan is sure to turn heads as a stylish decorative piece in the room it is placed in. 

DecoBREEZE Pineapple Figurine Two-Speed Electric Circulating FanPhoto Credits: Amazon

The DecoBREEZE pineapple figurine electric circulating fan measures about 8″ x 4″ x 15.5″ (L x B x H) which makes it portable; allowing you to bring it on-the-go. This electric circulating fan is also exquisitely handcrafted and painted in the tropical tones of yellow and green, enabling it to complement any space you wish to display it at. The two-speed function has been designed with the end-user in mind; it permits you to adjust the speed accordingly, to the one that best caters to your immediate want.

Do you want to make a statement in the party with a wacky one-of-a-kind white elephant gift? Do you want to give the receiving party a pleasant surprise with this unique gift’s functionality? Wait no longer and purchase it from Amazon now!

What do you think of the white elephant gifts ideas? Drop us an e-mail to let us know how you think –

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