Best Board Games for Couples / Pairs

Best Board Games for Couples / Pairs

Looking for the best board games around for couples? Not too sure which board games suit you best? Fear not! Today, my wifey and I will be sharing our top few picks for the best two player board games out in the market that you can enjoy with your other half. Not just for couples, two player board games are also suitable for two nerdy geeky friends to kill time in between activities.

The best thing about two lazy people who love to just stay in the comfort of their home is that you will start to experiment the different activities available, as long as that particular activity does not require you to go past your door step. As such, wifey and I have all the time in the world to try out the various types board games. Well, after much matches, we have reached a consensus that tabletop games are probably the perfect activity for two people to bond over. It is not detached like a video game, but definitely has all the elements of a ‘game’ – think thrill, excitement and challenges. As we have done some trial-and-errors for the best board games around, read on to find out more to prevent yourself from wasting both time and money…


Mattel Blokus Board Game

Is time a constraint for you? Only have half an hour to spare? There is often a misconception that board games are very lengthy and will require much time and effort. But well, truth is, there are fun board games that can be completed under 30 minutes too! For those who love a quick and easy to learn board game, why not try Mattel Blokus Board Game.

Best board games for couples: Mattel Blokus Board Game
Blokus, definitely one of the best board games for couples

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This is basically a game of Tetris, whereby each player takes turn to put a piece of ‘block’ down without having the edges from the same colour touching. The game ends when either (1) no one can place any more piece(s); or (2) one player finished putting all his/her pieces down. Blokus is basically a four player board game but when playing with wifey, we would play as two players each and take alternate turns. We will then try to aim for first and second places. This is surely a good couple game with a lot of repay value. When playing Blokus, we will always have a side bet – loser will have to wash the dishes. So, for those who wish to skip the dishes-duty today, head over here

Gen42 Games Hive – A Game Crawling with Possibilities 

Another fun two player board game to try out is Hive, also widely known as a game crawling with possibilities. 

Gen42 Games Hive - A Game Crawling with PossibilitiesPhoto Credits: Amazon

All you need is a flat surface to place all the pieces down and you’re all set! Hive involves carefully placing bug pieces to prevent your ‘Queen’ from being surrounded. Each bug has its own set of rules and no one strategy is absolute. We would strongly recommend Hive to anyone looking to psych the other out under 15 minutes. Definitely a game of sweet revenge to stress your partner out! Wifey and I always carry this game along for our travels and would play it when we are in between flights. You can easily get a set from here and start strategizing your next move.

Citadels Bruno Faidutti’s Citadels Card Game

If you are two people who loves mind strategy games or are looking to totally psych each other, a good option out there would be Citadels Bruno Faidutti’s Citadels Card Game.

Citadels Bruno Faidutti's Citadels Card GamePhoto Credits: Amazon

Citadels can be segmented into two parts – (1) Choosing your character; and (2) Playing out your role. It is crucial to note that every character has a different ability to it, and understanding your opponent is the key to winning. The game ends when you earn enough gold to erect a total of eight structures. Wifey and I love this game because it is meant for two players and each player gets to pick two characters instead of one. Moreover, we are pretty good at predicting each other’s strategy, which makes the game all the more challenging. That said, Citadels leans more towards the ‘Best Board Games for Adults’ category as it requires some effort into understand to rules to even begin playing.


Wizards of the Coast Risk Legacy Game

RISK LEGACY!!! Sorry for the caps but I’m really to excited to write about this board game. Risk Legacy Game should probably be in the best board games section of any top board games lists!

Best board games: Wizards of the Coast Risk Legacy GamePhoto Credits: Amazon

For all the ‘Risk’ (or strategy games in general) fans out there, this board game is surely a must-buy! The rules are similar to your traditional Risk with an added twist; you get to change the board and any changes made to the board stays permanent. It is probably difficult to explain everything here (and there are some in-game secrets which I shall leave it to you to discover on your own), so I am just going to say that this board game is a MUST TRY! To play this game proper, you should find another three more players to play with. Wifey and I have played and completed five different sets of Risk Legacies but we are still so hyped up for a new round. It does not get boring or repetitive at all! Get this from here NOW!

Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride

If you are looking for a something more classic, a good board game to try out is Ticket To Ride.

Days of Wonder Ticket to RidePhoto Credits: Amazon

The goal of Ticket To Ride is to make connections to as many destinations as possible, while competing with the other players for a limited number of tracks. For two players, this board game would most probably take lesser time to complete as compared to usual, but it will still take approximately 30 minutes. Nonetheless, a simple and perfect way to spend the evening with your loved one. Spice up tonight with Ticket to Ride.

Asmodee Terror in Meeple City

The last board game you should try out is the straight-forward, easy to play Terror In Meeple City.

Best board games for couples: Asmodee Terror in Meeple CityPhoto Credits: Amazon

Basically, the rules of this game is to destroy everything in the city using the shortest time possible. It takes some time to setup and BAAM! Start flicking, blowing, and shooting things into the city! Pretty much a no-brainer to spend some time laughing at all the destruction you have created. Wifey and I also love throwing the pieces all around. The only downside for Terror in Meeple City? CLEAN UP IS A PAIN!

Well, there you go! Our compiled list of the best board games for couples. Know of some fun games not in this list? Please please please introduce them to us over here or at

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