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Magnetic Desk Toys For The Nerdy WORKAHOLICS

Thank you for all of your positive feedback and encouraging suggestions! Sorry we took slightly longer than usual to reply because we’re now in Hong Kong. Anyhow, we will try to improve on our posts to bring you the best buys and deals all over the world ūüôā¬†For this post, we’ve decided to dedicate it to all of you workaholics¬†(or not) out there – MAGNETIC DESK TOYS.

Since you spend most of your time – unfortunately – at the office, we’d like to introduce you all the interesting gadgets that we’ve specially picked out from Amazon to spice up your work cubicle. So, read on and behold the list of wacky items in the market to buy and upgrade your plain ol’ office desk to the coolest workplace ever. Say yay to spending your 9am-5pm everyday at the office now.

MagZen Deluxe Magnetic Zen Garden

First up on the list is the deluxe magnetic Zen garden from Magzen. What makes this¬†Zen garden so unique is that it is filled with magnetic iron. Its main purpose is to allow the user to relieve some stress and relax. In turn, this would allow the user’s attention level to increase exponentially and creativity to soar. We were first introduced to this concept when we saw many of such Zen gardens while touring in Japan. However, we did not, regrettably, get any of the Zen garden due to baggage limitations. After seeing a lovelorn wifey who ponders about the Zen garden from time to time, I did a search on Amazon and found out that it’s sold right here in the US!

Nerdy Desk Toys: MagZen Deluxe Magnetic Zen Garden
Photo Credits: Amazon

Measuring 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 2″ (L x B x H), the fun magnetic Zen garden box is small and compact; perfect to place it on your work desk. The MagZen Deluxe Magnetic Zen Garden includes two packs of natural magnetic sand, actual mini metal and wooden garden tools¬†(just so cute!!), miniature wooden vase, hematite magnet rocks and… an AMETHYST CRYSTAL – perfect for energy healing. This Zen garden causes no mess and does not require¬†any maintenance; which makes it the perfect sand box for the inner child in you to relieve some stress from work. This Zen garden is an extremely effective form of meditation as when you focus on your next magnetic creation, you’ll¬†slowly forget all about your troubles and worries. Taking up minimal space, you can also easily change the design or setting of your Zen garden to reflect your current mood and to allow it to blend in with your workstation. There’s no better thing to buy for the artsy Zen person than this so what are you waiting for? Get it from here and surprise your loved one today!

Just to sidetrack – We did some research on the history of Zen gardens found that Zen gardens originated in medieval Japan. The Japanese call them¬†karesansui, which loosely translate to “dry mountain water”. The creation of Zen garden all boils down to Japanese devotion to propriety; as nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than to create ripples and waterfalls that always stay as beautiful as it is. Don’t you think that it is indeed a very interesting concept?

CMS Magnetics Iron Powder

Alternatively, if you’re someone who like to do hands-on experiment and DIY, you can create your own magnetic spaces yourself using CMS Magnetics Iron Powder, available on Amazon.

Nerdy Desk Toys: CMS Magnetics Iron PowderPhoto Credits: Amazon

CMS Magnetics Iron Powder are metallurgical industrial grade which makes it ultra-fine and oil-free; thus, it wouldn’t stain your furniture or clothes and it’s fuss-free during cleaning. For the purpose of visualizing magnetic fields, all you’d need is the iron powder, a transparent container and a super magnet. Yes, it is as easy as that to conduct a simple yet elegant science experiment at the comfort of your own desk!

Other possible ideas for the use of CMS Magnetics Iron Powder includes mixing the iron fillings with sand or mix the iron fillings with water and glue to create a magnetic slime. 

Westminster Magnetic Sand Timer

Keeping in line with the theme of the post Рall things magnetic Рis the Magnetic Sand Timer from Westminster. This timer works just like any other hourglass but with an interesting twist Рit is with the use of iron filaments!

Nerdy Desk Toys: Westminster Magnetic Sand Timer
Photo Credits: Amazon

The magnet at the base of the hourglass causes the magnetic sand to magnetize as it falls, creating a temporary unique black “crystal” sculptures. To create a variety of formations, simply twist and turn the timer – Yes, it is¬†that¬†easy! The whole magnetic sand timer stands around 3.2″ x 3.2″ x 5.5″ and the novelty timer times out at approximately 40 seconds. A great mesmerizing kinetic gift for kids and adults alike and it will definitely capture the attention of those around.

ScienceGeek Magnetic Levitator Floating Classic Anti-Gravity Toy

Next up is the ScienceGeek Magnetic Levitator Floating Classic Anti-Gravity Toy on Amazon. Nothing says futuristic and cool as well as having a piece of metal floating on your desk.

ScienceGeek Magnetic Levitator Floating Classic Anti-Gravity Toy
Photo Credits: Amazon

Looks like its rocket science? Well, the mechanism behind this piece of ingenuity work is surprisingly very straightforward and can be explained easily – a piece of magnet is placed inside the base which constantly repels the other piece of magnet in the barbell, allowing the mini barbell to be kept afloat. The empty space between the mini barbell and base gives you the leeway to spin the mini barbell. As the mini barbell rotates (for quite awhile), it is very relaxing to watch and to ponder and reflect on your life.

The downside of the magnetic levitator floating anti-gravity toy is that you’d need to keep it out of reach from children as the toy may not be able to withstand the constant abuse from a curious child. That being said, it will make a wacky entrance at your office desk and is perfect as an exquisite table decoration. Also, there’s no need to worry about maintenance as it does not require any batteries for it to work. Get it from Amazon now.

NaTaSha DIY Magnetic Balls Desk Toy

For a durable magnetic desk toy, you may consider the DIY Magnetic Balls Desk Toy by NaTaSha, which comes in a total of 216 balls; each measuring 0.2″ in diameter. This desk toy can be used to improve your creativity and imagination.

NaTaSha DIY Magnetic Balls Desk ToyPhoto Credits: Amazon

The NaTaSha DIY fun novelty toy is made of strong magnetic balls which allows you to sculpt hundreds of geometric patterns, only limited by your patience and imagination. The building of shapes and patterns is also perfect for stress relief. Compact in size, the Magnetic Balls Desk Toy takes up a small space on your table and grants you your well-earned break once in awhile. Besides being a great office addition, this DIY Magnetic Balls Desk Toy is also well-suited for kids, which is surely a better alternative than their usual electronic games or videos – which are harmful to their eyes. NaTaSha has introduced different colours for this entertaining desk toy, all available on Amazon. It’s time to unleash your infinite creativity today!

We hope that all these new additional desk toys to your desk with make your day at the office more bearable and that it will have a positive impact on your work performance. Know of other means to help with relaxation and stress relief? We want to hear about them! Let us know at

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