31st October: Trick or Treat? Things to Buy This Halloween

It all starts with a single Halloween candy…

We’re nearing the end of September and inching towards October, which is the start of my favourite quarter of the year! So hyped with all the upcoming festivals and celebrations – the first being Halloween which is approximately only one month away. Time to get started on your Halloween crafts for the big day 🙂

I’ve already started combing the web (especially the reliable Pinterest) for possible simple Halloween crafts for kids; DIY Halloween crafts; Halloween DIY costumes; DIY Halloween props; DIY Halloween treat bags; DIY Halloween gift baskets; etc. If you haven’t already noticed, most of the things I’ve searched for boil down to handmade Halloween craft ideas. I did it intentionally to include our nephews and nieces in the preparation of the Halloween. Getting them involved in Halloween crafts will allow them to get into the Halloween mood prematurely and keep them really excited for Halloween! Also, Halloween crafts will help them to unleach their creativity and not just link Halloween with Halloween favor bags or Halloween candy. Afterall, Halloween is so much more about that!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to create everything from scratch. There definitely are products out in the market to help you with all your Halloween crafts. For the top picks, read on to find out all must-get this Halloween – The absolute all rounded Halloween guide to keep you informed of all the wacky Halloween ideas! With all that, your haunted house will surely be the talk of the town this Halloween.

Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations are must-haves to set the stage right for Halloween. Halloween decorations also helps to let fellow Trick-or-Treaters know that your house is open for some Halloween treats! For starters, I think the norm is to include haunted house decorations as part of your Halloween party decorations. It is one of the easiest concepts to follow so why not right? Here are some of the scary-tools to help get you started with your Halloween decorations!

AerWo Halloween Decoration Black Lace Spider Web ($8.99)

What is Halloween without spider webs? Personally, I feel that spider webs should be part of any Halloween decorations or haunted house decorations because of the added spooky feel. With the AerWo Halloween Decoration Black Lace Spider Web, you’ll surely be able to set the perfect ambience for your Halloween party!

AerWo Halloween Decoration Black Lace Spider WebPhoto Credits: Amazon

Measuring 18” x 96”, the black lace spider web scarf can be used as a fireplace mantle scarf – Imagine fire burning fiercely and slowly behind the spider web? It’s like a scene straight out of a horror film! Alternatively, should you not have fireplace at your apartment, you may use this fun black lace spider web on mantle, over the interior doorway, hutch, buffet, or simply as a backdrop for photo opportunities. With so many uses at an affordable rate, this elegant AerWo Halloween Decoration Black Lace Spider Web can be used as a great indoor Halloween decorations should not be given a miss!

Fun World Costumes Super Stretch Spider Web ($4.99)

For spider webs last year, I got the Fun World Costumes Super Stretch Spider Web and my nephews and nieces had so much fun with it! So, this is already in my shopping cart (the first item I’ve added actually). A no brainer at all!

Fun World Costumes Super Stretch Spider WebPhoto Credits: Amazon

This pack of super stretch spider web, which includes 60g of ‘spider web’, is the perfect Halloween decoration for indoor and outdoor use! What my nephews and nieces did last year was to pull the spider web and run in opposite directions. After which, the hubby and I helped to put it across the fences. Get this super stretchy and super scary spider webs over here.

As an add-on, to contribute to the spookiness, we got them to put up plastic spiders in a random order. I got the Century Novelty 1.5” Plastic Spiders (72 Pack) last year and they were of great quality. At the end of the day, all my nephews and nieces were worn out but satisfied with their masterpiece! Because of its bulk nature, after decorating the spider web, we still had some plastic spiders leftover, which we used for the dessert table. It is value-for-money as you can always reuse them! You may get the plastic spiders from here.

TONOS Pumpkin String Lights 20 LED Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Lights ($16.99)

Halloween can’t do without pumpkins! With the TONOS Pumpkin String LED Lights, you can kill two birds with one stone – it can serve as an outdoor Halloween decorations and it can also light up the dark streets on Halloween night.

TONOS Pumpkin String Lights 20 LED Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin LightsPhoto Credits: Amazon

With a total length of almost 19ft, the TONOS Pumpkin String LED Lights consist 20 power-saving LED bulbs, which saves more than 80% of traditional bulbs. This means that you don’t need to worry about your electricity bills! The Halloween LED lights are not battery-operated and can be used by plugging them into the outlet. They are also waterproof thus you don’t need to keep them even if there’s a downpour. Busk in the Halloween atmostphere with the Pumpkin LED lights over here.

Azakoo Halloween Decorations 30 Multicolour LED Ghost String Waterproof Lights ($12.99)

Too many pumpkins in the house? Opt for a different set of LED string lights! Afterall, it’s always fun to play mix-and-match and include a variety of Halloween symbols. As an alternative, I strongly recommend Azakoo Halloween Decorations 30 LED Ghost String Waterproof Lights (Multicolour).

Halloween Ghost LightsPhoto Credits: Amazon

The 30 LED multicoloured ghost string waterproof lights gives out a soft lighting, which is perfect for Halloween. I mean if it’s too bright, it takes all the fear away on that fateful Halloween night. We unquestionably wouldn’t want that to happen. The energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED ghost string lights runs on 3 x AA batteries, unlike the pumpkin LED lights prior mentioned. This is great for houses without any plugs outdoor. Being waterproof means that the LED ghost string lights can be used as both outdoor Halloween decorations and indoor Halloween decorations. Send some boos love to everyone with the Azakoo Halloween Decorations 30 LED Ghost String Waterproof Lights on Halloween! For those who prefer the classic white ghosts, it is also available over here (P.S. The classic white LED ghosts string lights are also $1 cheaper!).

KY-A Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Lights with Sound (3 Pieces) ($24.00)

Another outdoor Halloween lighting ideas will be the KY-A Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Lights with Sound.

KY-A Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Lights with Sound (3 Pieces)Photo Credits: Amazon

The KY-A outdoor Halloween decorations set comes in three different Halloween-themed styles – a pumpkin; skull; and sorceress. All three of the LED lantern lights are battery-operated using the AA batteries and can be turn on and off easily with just one switch. Perfect as part of your Halloween decorations, the Halloween lantern lights can be hung up with the installed hanging rings or just placed on the table as a centerpiece. Alternatively, you may place them along the pathway leading to your main door. As the lantern lights give out a chilling yet funny sound, it will be a great addition to rouse the festive atmosphere and spirit as the trick-or-treaters walk towards your house. Purchase this awesome LED Halloween decor on Amazon today.

Pretex 19” Pose-able Full Body Halloween Skeleton ($13.99) 

Trick before treat! Trick your trick-or-treaters first with Pretex 19” Pose-able Fully Body Halloween Skeleton.

Halloween SkeletonPhoto Credits: Amazon

This full body Halloween skeleton looks extremely realistic and makes great Halloween decorations. This set includes one full body plastic Halloween skeleton with pose-able joints, which enables you place the skeleton however you want it. The joints are also makes it easy to detach or reattach the limbs by removing or fixing the connecting balls respectively. Moreover, this set includes a mesh sack filled with two additional sets of mini body parts – which can be placed around your house as indoor Halloween decorations. Better yet, place them near the Halloween favor bags and give everyone a scare when they want to get those Halloween candy! Create the perfect horror scene for your Halloween party with the Pretex 19” Pose-able Full Body Halloween Skeleton today!

Crazy Bonez Skeleton Raven ($9.70)

Thinking of getting something more affordable but similar to the Mr Halloween skeleton? Or want to get a pet for him? Well, if either is your intention, you should add Crazy Bonez Skeleton Raven into your shopping cart right now!

Halloween RavenPhoto Credits: Amazon

The used-to-be (I assume) adorable raven stands at 8” tall and is crafted from durable all weather plastic which means it works well as your outdoor Halloween decorations. If you want it as part of your indoor Halloween decorations, it is definitely possible as well! Similar to the full body Halloween skeleton, the skeleton raven is pose-able with moveable head and wings. I think it’ll be quite cool to hang the skeleton raven from the ceiling, looking down at those trick-or-treaters. One of my favourite spooky additions to any Halloween decoration ideas – Get it from here today! Have another animal or insect in mind? Hop over to Crazy Bonez for more bones for your Halloween decorations!

Happy Halloween Banner Kit – Halloween Party Home Decorations ($16.98)

If you’re looking for cheap indoor Halloween decorations for your Halloween party, you may consider the Happy Halloween Banner Kit – Halloween Party Home Decorations which includes all the party supplies you need! This banner kit is also good for those who are looking for a not-so-scary approach for their haunted house decorations.

Happy Halloween Banner Kit – Halloween Party Home DecorationsPhoto Credits: Amazon

The party pack includes a Happy Halloween chipboard paper banner; six 10” pompom flower tissue paper balls in black and orange; and 18 paper tassel also in black and orange. This DIY Halloween decor is easy to assemble if your follow the instructions closely. This is one of the DIY Halloween crafts that the hubby and I will do without the kids. Afterall, tissue paper are a little fragile so we’re afraid the kids might tear it unintentionally. The end result will be a gorgeous photo backdrop for all your Halloween party-goers to snap some pictures! Imagine a table full of desserts right in front of the backdrop – doesn’t it sound appealing already? Wait no longer and get this fun Happy Halloween Banner Kit for your Halloween party today!

Halloween Party Ideas

Besides decorations, there are many other things to consider which will contribute to the success of your Halloween party. For example, what’s a Halloween party without Halloween favor bags or Halloween gum? What are the possible Halloween treat bag ideas or is it feasible to DIY Halloween gift baskets for that extra personalization touch? What are the probable Halloween best-dressed contest prize ideas for adults? Are there any easy Halloween crafts or printable Halloween arts and crafts for kids to spend their time on during the Halloween party? And the list of questions goes on. Now don’t get too stressed because we’re here to help! For practical Halloween party ideas which are not too far-fetched or difficult to implement, read on…

Amazlab Halloween Party Cups – Blood Bag Drink Container Set (10 IV Bags) ($14.99)

Enjoy your drinks through the night just like how vampires savor blood with Amazlab Halloween Party Cups – Blood Bag Drink Container Set.

Amazlab Halloween Party Cups – Blood Bag Drink Container Set (10 IV Bags)Photo Credits: Amazon

Completely food-safe and able to contain any types of drinks (from alcohols to sodas to juices), the Amazlab reusable blood bags come in packs of 10 and has a working tube for both funneling drinks and drinking. The IV bags are made with anti-leak design and feature a pre-stamped hole at the top for hooking purposes. Just note that overheating or freezing may damage the IV bags and squashing or overfilling the IV bags may also cause tears. Feed your vampires with fresh blood over here! FYI, 10 labels are also included in the set for all the party-goers to write their names on – a perfect personalized takeaway at the end of Halloween party!

FE Plastic Halloween Picks (72 Pieces) ($5.94)

Go all-out to spook people out with the FE Plastic Halloween picks which feature a variety of popular Halloween symbols such as ghosts; pumpkins; spiders; and bats.

Hallowee PicksPhoto Credits: Amazon

Measuring around 1.5” for the plastic spook and 2.5” for the plastic pick, the FE Plastic Halloween Picks are great for appetizers or as a cupcake-topper. On the same note, for devilishly delicious Halloween appetizers ideas, you may refer to here for easy to follow recipes. If you’re ordering in the bulk of food for your Halloween party, you can use these picks to add a frightful-fun touch to meat and cheese trays or even fruits! With so many uses, these affordable plastic Halloween picks will not go to waste. Add some Halloween fun to your food from here now!

Cake Decorating Halloween Monster Hand Cupcake Picks (24 Pieces) ($7.48) 

For those who are certain that they will be baking some chocolate cupcakes or mud pie, the Cake Decorating Halloween Monster Hand Cupcake Picks will be perfect for you!

Cake Decorating Halloween Monster Hand Cupcake Picks (24 Pieces)Photo Credits: Amazon

The Monster Hand Cupcake Picks measures 2.75” and is made of green plastic. If you stick them into your chocolate cupcakes or mud pie, it’ll look as though a zombie is going to escape from his grave, which will send chills down your Halloween partygoers’ spine. Halloween is all about being spooky and creepy and this Cake Decorating Halloween Monster Hand Cupcake Picks best portrays the Halloween spirit!

Fun Express 8” Foam Halloween Pumpkins – Craft Shapes (24 Pack) ($11.94)

A popular segment of Halloween parties is to carve pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns, which is too dangerous for kids. To let them fully experience the fun of Halloween, it would be great to include some Halloween activities for kids and allow them to create their own Jack-O-Lanterns. To do that, an alternate simple Halloween crafts for kids would be Fun Express 8” Foam Halloween Pumpkins – Craft Shapes.

Halloween Pumpkin CraftPhoto Credits: Amazon

This Fun Express 8” Foam Halloween Pumpkins are orange blank foam shapes, which are ideal for kids to decorate with their own accessories. This easy Halloween crafts for kids can be part of your Halloween activities for kids. Or, it can even be a mini competition for your Halloween party should there be at least five kids. The winner of the best Jack-O-Lantern (voted by the adults) will be given a cute Halloween gift set. The other participants will also be given extra Halloween favor bags as a form of encouragement! With more prizes out for grabs, kids will be really excited for the Halloween party because it means they will have more Halloween gum and Halloween candy. This Halloween crafts for kids is also suitable as a classroom activity to let the children celebrate Halloween together! Get the main tool (the foam Halloween pumpkins, duh!) from Amazon now.

Create A Pumpkin Stickers – 15 Full Size Pumpkin Face Halloween Crafts for Kids ($10.95)

Love the idea of letting kids create their Jack-O-Lanterns but don’t want to include the usage of glue to prevent a mess? Well, a good Halloween activity alternative for the kids in the house would be the Create A Pumpkin Stickers – 15 Full Size Pumpkin Face Halloween Crafts for Kids.

Create A Pumpkin Stickers – 15 Full Size Pumpkin Face Halloween Crafts for KidsPhoto Credits: Amazon

Each set includes 15 sticker sheets which measure 8.5” x 11”. There are also dozens of possible cute combinations to keep the kids entertained. This Create A Pumpkin Stickers allows the kids to create silly Pumpkin faces instead of spooky ones – making it an awesome Halloween crafts for kids and even as Halloween crafts for preschoolers. Instead of making it as a completion, this Create A Pumpkin Stickers can also be part of the Halloween favor bags for the kids to relive the fun at home. Put a smile to the kids faces with the Pumpkin sticker set from here today!

Halloween Bingo Card Party Game – For 16 Players ($7.40)

Bingo! is my all-time favourite party game because it keeps everyone alert and in suspense. I was so excited to find a Halloween-themed Bingo on Amazon that I got the Halloween Bingo Card Party Game – For 16 Players immediately with the One-Click Purchase.

Halloween Bingo Card Party Game – For 16 PlayersPhoto Credits: Amazon

For a long night of fun, the Bingo Card Party Game gives the kids more chances to win the Halloween gift set! This Halloween Bingo Card Party Game includes 16 Bingo cards; 192 Bingo markers; and 16 calling pieces. Because it is reusable, you can have a few rounds of Bingo! Isn’t that just wonderful? This classic Bingo! game with a Halloween flair features easy-to-relate Halloween designs including pumpkins; bats; black cats; candies; etc. Get your little goblins all excited with the cute Halloween gift baskets out for grabs (for the winner of course) and the perfect Halloween games for kids – The Halloween Bingo Card Party Game.

Late for the Sky Booooo-opoly ($24.99)

Do you love to play board games? If you do and Monopoly is your all-time favourite classic game (like how it is mine), then this Booooo-opoly is the game just right for you!

Late for the Sky Booooo-opolyPhoto Credits: Amazon

Basically Monopoly with a twist, the Booooo-opoly includes six player pieces (cat; bat; pumpkin; candy apple; ghost; and witch’s hat) and haunted houses and full moons as the properties. It sounds really easy but with fright fees; bats in your belfry; and getting caught soaping windows, the difficulty level just got increased exponentially. Well, tighten your belts for this roller-coaster ride of a game as your may win the Jack-O-Lantern carving contest or may end up eating Slimy Spider Tacos at the Monster Mash! Learn facts about Halloween while you play this amazing Booooo-opoly.

Unique Halloween Pumpkin Pinata ($21.39)

As usual, my must-get for any parties or gatherings is a Pinata! Add some Halloween fun to your party with this Halloween Pumpkin Pinata.

Halloween PinataPhoto Credits: Amazon

Add some Halloween fun (i.e. Halloween candy, Halloween gum or other Halloween party supplies) into this Halloween Pumpkin Pinata. Shaped like a smiling Jack-O-Lantern, this pinata is around 12.5” x 11” and holds up to 2lbs of candy and favors. This unique Halloween pumpkin pinata requires a bat or pinata stick to crack open and is the classic party game to be included. Before the party begins, this pumpkin pinata also works well as part of your Halloween decorations. With so many advantages, think no further and head over here to purchase your very own pumpkin pinata today!

Halloween Gift Set / Halloween Favor Bags

Scratching your head over what to put in Halloween treat bags? Want to create some DIY Halloween treat bags and looking for Halloween treat bags ideas? This section will include unique Halloween gifts for kids/children and even some Halloween gifts for adults. The items below-mentioned are also good to be included in the Halloween gift set or Halloween food gift baskets which will be given out to the winners of the Halloween games for kids and adults. Continue for more Halloween treat bags bulk ideas…

Spooktacular Creations 6.5” Halloween Buckets with Handle (Set of 6) ($8.95);
NIGHT-GRING Trick-or-Treat Tote Bags (Set of 7) ($17.59)

For the Halloween Gift Set as prizes for the Halloween activities, I’m torn between Spooktacular Creations 6.5” Halloween Buckets with Handle and NIGHT-GRING Trick-or-Treat Tote Bag as both make great Halloween Gift Set and is well-suited to the theme.

Spooktacular Creations 6.5” Halloween Buckets with Handle is of superior quality, making it durable and able to support a large amount of candy. It is also non-toxic and safe for child use, having met the US safety standards. All the buckets are shaped similarly and the designs include a bat, spider, ghost, cat, and pumpkins.

Spooktacular Creations 6.5” Halloween Buckets with Handle (Set of 6)Photo Credits: Amazon

NIGHT-GRING Trick-or-Treat Tote Bag is made of high-grade thick non-woven fabric which is environmentally friendly, reusable, soft and safe. It has measurements of 7” x 3.53” x 7.04” which can be used for Halloween candy. The set of 7 includes different shapes and styles, featuring bats, pumpkins, cats, and Frankenstein.

Halloween TotePhoto Credits: Amazon

Either way, the kids will be elated to receive any of these! Get the Halloween Bucket and Trick-or-Treat Tote Bag from here and here respectively.

Dazzling Toys Mini Trick-or-Treat Halloween Pumpkin Candy Bucket (12 Pack) ($9.49)

Allowing each kid to take home their own mini Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns as their Halloween favor bags will surely make them happy. This is possible with Dazzling Toys Mini Trick-or-Treat Halloween Pumpkin Candy Bucket which comes in a pack of 12.

Halloween Pumpkin HolderPhoto Credits: Amazon

This candy bucket is in vibrant orange and has a black pumpkin facial design in the front. For convenience, it also features a black handle for easy carrying. Standing at 2.5” tall and made of plastic, this pumpkin candy bucket is extremely durable and is perfect to be used as your Halloween favor bags! Another plus point is that it can be used as a tabletop centerpiece brimming with spooky Halloween treats for your guests. Get a set from here today!

Fun Express Drawstring Halloween Goody Bags (72 Pack) ($11.99)

For a more affordable option for the Halloween favor bags and Halloween gift set, you can get the Fun Express Drawstring Halloween Goody Bags which is just as fun and cute!

Fun Express Drawstring Halloween Goody Bags (72 Pack)Photo Credits: Amazon

Made of soft plastic, the Halloween goody bag is 7.75” big and sold in a pack of 72. This is the perfect option for Halloween treat bags bulk. The assorted Halloween-themed designs include a black cat; pumpkin; ghost; witch; monster; and Frankenstein. These goody bags also features a drawstring which secures all the yummy Halloween candy, ensuring that they do not fall out. Create the perfect Halloween favors bulk for the kids this Halloween with the Fun Express Drawstring Halloween Goody Bag!

UNOMOR Foam Halloween Masks for Kids Party Favors (24 Pack) ($14.99)

Besides Halloween candy, I feel that you can include other Halloween-themed items in the Halloween favor bags. A possible item to include is UNOMOR Foam Halloween Masks for Kids Party Favors (24 Pack).

UNOMOR Foam Halloween Masks for Kids Party Favors (24 Pack)Photo Credits: Amazon

The pack of foam Halloween masks includes a total of 12 designs which allow the kids to assemble the masks they like. This simple Halloween crafts encourages kids to create their own look which helps to unleash their creativity. This easy Halloween crafts for kids are of absolute fun for them as they create their own masterpiece. Made of lightweight foam, the mask is non-toxic, odorless and safe for children. The mask is also size adjustable with an elastic band to fit around the children’ heads. Let the kids go wild with this assortment of foam masks available here.

ToysPlus Halloween LED Lights Finger Ring (25 Pieces) ($13.99)

Another great addition for the Halloween favor bags is the ToysPlus Halloween LED Lights Finger Ring.

Halloween RingsPhoto Credits: Amazon

Each pack includes a total of 25 LED Lights Finger Ring and has a diverse range of styles. The designs comprise of pumpkin; eye; spider; skull; etc. Besides kids, these awesome flashing rings are also great as Halloween party favors for adults as they are super vibrant in the dark – making it perfect for partying and dancing the night away! Each ring are 0.65” wide, which can be adjusted to fit adults. Purchase the Halloween rings from Amazon now!

Fun Express Bright Halloween Bouncing Balls (72 Pieces) ($14.90)

For me, besides Halloween gum, I like adding toys into my Halloween favor bags for the kids as besides just collecting piles of Halloween candy (which might not be that good for their teeth anyway :P), I want them to have fun! All my nephews and nieces love playing bouncing balls and so, it was a no-brainer for me to add Fun Express Bright Halloween Bouncing Balls into my shopping cart!

Fun Express Bright Halloween Bouncing Balls (72 Pieces)Photo Credits: Amazon

In a set of 72, these rubber Halloween bouncing balls come in various colours and designs, which are generally Halloween-themed. The spooky-printed bouncing balls pack includes: black ghost; orange pumpkin; green spider; and purple cat. Add some bounce to your DIY Halloween treat bags with these Fun Express Bright Halloween Bouncing Balls which will most certainly not disappoint the little zombies that come knocking on your door for Trick-or-Treat!

DesignWay Halloween Pencil (48 Pack) ($16.39)

If you are someone who is practical, to include the DesignWay Halloween Pencil in the Halloween favor bags will appeal to you because of its functionality.

Halloween PencilsPhoto Credits: Amazon

In a pack of 48 pencils, this quality no. 2 DesignWay Halloween Pencil collection is fun, functional and practical. Each strong lead pencil is non-toxic and also features a colourful eraser at the opposite end to allow convenient clean erasing. Gift your trick-or-treaters with this DesignWay Halloween Pencil to allow them to use it for school and to remind them of that fateful night when you gave them a good scare.

Fun Express Halloween Stamps (24 Pieces) ($6.99)

All kids love stamps, somehow. That said, the Fun Express Halloween Stamps will be popular amongst all the younger trick-or-treaters and they will be so pleased when they find a stamp in their Halloween favor bags.

Fun Express Halloween Stamps (24 Pieces)Photo Credits: Amazon

The Halloween stamps comes in a pack of 24 and includes six different Halloween-themed pattern – which comprises of the ghost; bat; mummy; vampire; spider; and pumpkins. The stamp inks are in bright colours (besides the vampire one) and will surely appeal to the young ones. Aside from putting them in the Halloween favor bags, these Halloween stamps can be used for one of your Halloween crafts during your party as well – just be sure to keep a lookout on the kids and that they do not go stamping on your walls or furniture. A definite yes for this Fun Express Halloween Stamps collection.

Halloween Candy / Halloween Chocolates

If you ask what to put in Halloween treat bags? Halloween candy and Halloween chocolates will be the top ranking answers. As much as doctors and parents discourage too much candies and chocolates for children, what’s Halloween without them! I like getting my Halloween candy online because of the ease of delivery (since the hubby has been really busy with work and unable to do groceries shopping with me) and I’m able to shop for the best Halloween candy at the comfort of my home. Say hooray to e-commerce – definitely one of the best (if not the best) invention 😉

Frankford Gummy Body Parts Halloween Candy – Individually Wrapped (65 Pieces) ($13.99)

For Halloween Trick-or-Treating, body parts candies are the best! However, there are not many out in the market that are individually-packed which isn’t that hygienic to put in the Halloween favor bags in my opinion. Hence, I was super excited when I came across the Frankford Gummy Body Parts Halloween Candy!

Halloween Body PartsPhoto Credits: Amazon

In a pack of 65, the yummy or gruesome (take your pick) gummy body parts Halloween candy comes in a total of five different designs mainly the brain; ear; eye; finger; and feet. A must-have in your pile of Halloween treats! Get these cool gummy body parts from Amazon today.

Sour Patch Mondelz Kids Zombie Mix (80 Pieces) ($6.95)

Send some spooky vibes to your Trick-or-Treater’s way by including the Sour Patch Mondelz Kids Zombie Mix to your Halloween party goody bags.

Sour Patch Mondelz Kids Zombie Mix (80 Pieces)Photo Credits: Amazon

Conveniently packed in 80 treat-size Halloween-themed packages, the zombie mix are special Halloween treats that no kid can resist. All the favourite zombie flavors (with fright-filled zombie sour patch kids ingredients) are available in this mix. Buy it here for the Halloween favor bags!

Skittles, Starbust and Life Savers Gummies Halloween Candy Bag (315 Pieces) ($23.00)

I love how candies and chocolates are mix-and-matched during the Halloween season because this means that I’ll have a variety of sweets to pack in the Halloween favor bags without having to buy so many packets. My nephews go to sweets are the Starbust collection while my nieces’ generally prefer Skittles more. When I saw this Skittles, Starbust and Life Savers Gummies Halloween Candy Bag, I immediately thought “this candy bag is tailor-made just for them!”

Halloween CandyPhoto Credits: Amazon

This bulk candy pack includes a total of 315 pieces of fun-size Skittles Original; Skittles Wild Berry; Starbust Original; Starbust Tropical; and Life Savers Big Ring Gummies candy. These are very popular candies amongst children so you’ll never go wrong with this Halloween candy bag! For leftovers, I suggest you place them in your candy bowl so that even adults can steal some munches and relive their childhood during your Halloween party! Quickly stock up on this yummy Halloween candy bag, available here. FYI, smaller Halloween candy bag options are also out for grabs if you’re thinking of it.

HERSHEY’S All-Time Great Candy Assortment (105 Pieces) ($18.42)

My favourite chocolate brand is HERSHEY’S without a doubt and so, my recommendation for the Halloween chocolates is HERSHEY’S All-Time Great Candy Assortment which includes individual-wrapped pieces, perfect to be distributed in the Halloween treat bags.

HERSHEY’S All-Time Great Candy Assortment (105 Pieces)Photo Credits: Amazon

The assortment includes snack-size HERSHEY’s Classic Milk Chocolate Bars; Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups; KitKat Crisp Wafer Bars; and WHOPPERS Malted Milk Balls. Make your trick-or-treaters drool with this yummy assortment from here today. For those who prefer chocolate bars, an alternative you may consider is the HERSHEY’s Chocolate Full Size Variety Pack (24 Bars) which includes six of each of the following chocolates: HERSHEY’s Milk Chocolate Bars; HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate with Almond Bars; Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Bar; and KitKat Crsip Wafer Bars. However, it is important to note that the price point for the chocolate bars is higher, which might not be a wise choice for bulk purchase!

MARS Chocolate Favourites Halloween Candy Bars Variety Mix (250 Pieces) ($19.54)

On the other end of the spectrum, some might like the chocolate from MARS. Or, if you’re a chocoholic like I am, you’ll like both the HERSHEY’S and the MARS collection. Anyway, for MARS-lovers, a variety mix pack made just for you would be the MARS Chocolate Favourites Halloween Candy bars Variety Mix (250 Pieces).

Halloween Choc FavsPhoto Credits: Amazon

The MARS Chocolate Favourites collection features mini, fun-sized chocolate candy perfect for Halloween trick-or-treaters. It has a total of 250 pieces of chocolates from 3Musketeers; Twix; MilkyWay; M&M’s; and SNICKERS. Pack these yummy MARS chocolate treats, available on Amazon, into your Halloween favor bags for those hungry zombies who will be knocking on your door on October 31st!

HERSHEY’S Halloween Assortment Pumpkin Bowl (175 Pieces) ($34.07)

The HERSHEY’S Halloween Assortment Pumpkin Bowl is undoubtedly the perfect candy assortment for all your Halloween needs.

HERSHEY’S Halloween Assortment Pumpkin Bowl (175 Pieces)Photo Credits: Amazon

In a trick-or-treat ready 10” x 10.5” pumpkin-shaped bowl, this HERSHEY’S Halloween Assortment looks great as a table centerpiece, where your Halloween partygoers can help themselves to those yummy individually-wrapped candies. The 175 snack-size Halloween candy assortment includes HERSHEY’s Milk Chocolate Bars; Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins; JOLLYrancher Hard Candies; KitKat Crisp Wafer Bars; and KitKat White Wafer Bars. Get this adorable and dangerously tempting Halloween candy-filled pumpkin from Amazon today for both decorative and fill-the-tummy purposes.

Halloween Costumes

One of the main reasons that I look forward to Halloween is being able to play dress up with my family and friends and to flaunt our Halloween costumes. Last year, the hubby and I had matching Halloween DIY costumes and we were even nominated for the fancy dress awards categories (but unfortunately, we lost to a well-deserving opponent). Anyhow, for those looking to do some Halloween DIY costumes, you may do a quick search on Pinterest just to get your brain juice flowing – that approach was what we did last year. As we do not have time to do our Halloween DIY costumes this year, we’ll just need to get them off the rack – fingers crossed we’ll be able to be nominated for a few Halloween costume prize categories! Probably this year we’ll go in the direction of finding funny Halloween costumes just for laughs and memories sake!

Costume Agent Soap Loofah Bubbles Adult Costume Set ($49.95)

For a clean-freak like the hubby, this adorable and funny Halloween Costume Agent Soap Loofah Bubbles Adult Costume set works well for him!

Halloween ShowerPhoto Credits: Amazon

Made of 100% polyester, this funny Halloween costume set includes one soap bar costume (for the guy); one loofah costume (for the lady); and ten clear balloons. For those who want to go all out and wacky this Halloween, the guy can always wear the loofah costume and the lady can wear the soap bar costume! Afterall, both costumes are one size fits most. Double-sided Velcro are included for the balloons (to imitate soap bubbles). A lovely, unique and creative idea for couples or friends! Get this set from here to entertain all your family and friends.

Ultimate Halloween Costume King And Queen of Hearts ($41.37) 

Let the whole world know that he’s your King of Hearts showering you with love every single day and that she’s your Queen of Hearts displaying tender loving care towards you with this cute Ultimate Halloween Costume King And Queen of Hearts.

Ultimate Halloween Costume King And Queen of HeartsPhoto Credits: Amazon

This great couples costume includes a cloth covered foam tunic with a printed creepy skull version of the King of Hearts and a matching Queen of Hearts tunic. Just note that you will need to wear your own black pants and shirt as they are not included. For the more artistic readers, you can simply get a board and start drawing your own Halloween DIY costumes using a similar concept. Or for a quick way out, purchase it off the shelves here.

Rubie’s PAW Patrol Marshall Costume ($15.60)

My nephew already got his Halloween costume from Rubie’s in his favourite cartoon – PAW Patrol Marshall Costume.

Halloween PawPhoto Credits: Amazon

Made of 100% polyester, this officially licensed PAW Patrol costume features the exclusive PAW Patrol symbol and it includes a jumpsuit; headpiece; and backpack. My nephew got the small size, which fits most of the 3 to 4 year-olds. As my 4 year-old nephew inches towards the smaller body frame, it is slightly too big for him. However, he still loves the Rubie’s PAW Patrol Marshall Costume anyway and he is ever ready for a ruff-ruff rescue! For those who likes Chase, the costume is also available at Rubie’s.

Rubie’s Harry Potter Costume Kit ($23.89)

For my elder nephew, he wanted a Hogwarts student and so, the Rubie’s Harry Potter Costume Kit won his heart.

Halloween HarryPhoto Credits: Amazon

This Harry Potter Costume Kit is all-inclusive with all the necessary items needed to be Harry Potter. It has a hood robe; clasp; wand and glasses. It fits him relatively well albeit a little too long. To transform my nephew into Harry Potter, we’ll be using the eyeliner to draw Harry Potter’s scar on his forehead. A quick shout-out to all the Harry Potter fans out there, wait no longer as this is the most convenient and value-for-money Harry Potter Costume Kit which is of decent quality!

Tutu Dreams Halloween Wonder Woman Costume for Girls ($22.50)

Every girl is a superhero inside. Unleash your superpower with this exquisitely designed cute Tutu Dreams Halloween Wonder Woman Costume for Girls.

Tutu Dreams Halloween Wonder Woman Costume for GirlsPhoto Credits: Amazon

This fun and colourful dress has sizes which fit the 1 year-olds all the way up to 8 year-olds. The upper-body crochet is made of 100% polyester while the tutu skirt is made of 100% nylon. Affordable and pretty, let your baby girl save the day with this lovely Tutu Dreams Halloween Wonder Woman Costume for Girls! Another Wonder Woman Toddler Costume to consider is from Rubie’s Costume Co, made of 100% polyester – you may check it out over here. But for me, the one from tutu dreams still has my vote. Afterall, it’s a perfect blend of superhero and ballerina.

Dressy Daisy Girls’ Belle Princess Costume Halloween Party Dress ($21.99) 

My younger niece is a die-hard fan of Disney princesses and has already made up her mind as to which Disney princess she wants to be – Belle. After doing a quick research, I’ve settled on the Dressy Daisy Girls’ Belle Princess Costume Halloween Party Dress and it was a good decision because she loved it!

Dressy Daisy Girls’ Belle Princess Costume Halloween Party DressPhoto Credits: Amazon

This gorgeous off-shoulder dress is adorned with a rose on the chest which keeps it simple and classy. However, the rose is not obvious from afar. The skirt includes a total of four layers, making it fluffy and creating additional fullness with the ruffles, linings and nettings. My niece is five this year and the size 4-5 fits her to a tee. This Dressy Daisy Girls’ Belle Princess Costume Halloween Party Dress is the perfect number to dance the night away. To complete the look, you may also consider getting the Tacobear Princess Dress Up 5 Pieces Gift Set for Belle – which includes a crown; scepter; necklace; earrings and gloves in the classic yellow.

I hope that you’ve gained some valuable insights on both indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations, possible Halloween party decoration ideas, Halloween activities for kids, simple Halloween crafts ideas, Halloween favor bags ideas, gift baskets for Halloween, Halloween candy and chocolates and Halloween costumes. I know this post is slightly longer than usual but I’m just so excited for Halloween! Thank you for your patience in completing this lengthy post.

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