17 July: Things to Buy for World Emoji Day

Yes, you’ve read the title right – 17 July is the World Emoji Day! It’s time to prepare all the emoji decorations, games, food and party essentials for a wacky time with your friends. Join in the celebrations on the social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) by posting photos of you and your friends dressed in your favourite emoji character. Do remember to use the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay for the photos to share the fun and joy with the others. 

LiveEco 10″ Emoji Paper Plates

Food is a must at a party and that said, paper plates are definitely required. For your Emoji party, get these cute emoji paper plates from LiveEco and let your guests choose the one that suits him or her the best! 

LiveEco 10" Emoji Paper PlatesPhoto Credits: Amazon

In a pack of 20, the emoji paper plates are made of thick, high quality paper armed with high definition printing. They also feature an ultra-fine gloss finishing which contributes to a smooth nonabsorbent surface; thus, preventing liquids from seeping through the plate. The LiveEco Emoji Paper Plates, which measures around 10″ diameter, are made of eco-friendly materials and includes 2 x 10 most popular Emoji faces. It is surely a great choice as dinner plates for a gathering!

NOBBEE Emoji Moulds

As mentioned previously, food is a must at a party. Why settle for something else if you can have emojis as snacks! The Emoji Moulds package by NOBBEE contains 28-cavity Emoji mould and 12-cavity Poop mould and is a must get for your Emoji party. 

NOBBEE Emoji MouldsPhoto Credits: Amazon

The moulds are made of food grade silicone with no unwanted smell. You may use this moulds to make chocolates, bake some cookies, create mini pudding gummy, or even to freeze some ice cubes! The size of the Emoji face is about 0.7″ while the poop is about 1.1″. The depth of the mould will be approximately 0.6″. With a perfect size of a single serving candy, these Emoji snacks will be a definite hit at the party! 

KUUQA Resuable Emoji Party Balloons Supplies

Get your guests in the #WorldEmojiDay mood with the Emoji Party Balloons Supplies by KUUQA. The set includes a total of 16 pieces of party balloons with four different special Emoji facial expressions – perfect for almost all occasions!

KUUQA Resuable Emoji Party Balloons SuppliesPhoto Credits: Amazon

The KUUQA Emoji Party Balloons measures at 18″ with double-sided high definition printing. The mylar balloons are durable, compact and easy to use. Point to note would be you’ll need to inflate the air slowly and do not fill it with gas fully for fear of thermal expansion. Also, you’ll need to keep the balloons away from fire. The best part of these Emoji party balloons from KUUQA is that they are reusable so it is a sure value-for-money purchase! 

Kangaroo Emoji Latex Party Balloons

I get that some people prefer latex balloons as compared to mylar because it is easily inflatable and easier to burst (for the purpose of games). If you’re one of them, you’ll fall in love with the Emoji Latex Party Balloons by Kangaroo. 

Kangaroo Emoji Latex Party Balloons
Photo Credits: Amazon

The Kangaroo Emoji Latex Party Balloons are entirely in yellow and comes in a pack of 72! There are a total of 12 varied Emoji facial expressions and can be used for party decorations or as a tool for games. These Emoji balloons will catch the eye of onlookers and make them wish that they had held a World Emoji Day gathering as well. 

Mattel Uno Emoji Card Game

Keep your guests entertained throughout the party with the adorable and fun Uno Emoji Card Game by Mattel. 

Mattel Uno Emoji Card GamePhoto Credits: Amazon

With similar rules as the classic Uno card game, this updated version will certainly be a hit amongst everyone! The special rule in this game is that, when you play the special card and the face card, the next player has to make and hold that face for the next two turns. If not, the player will need to take four cards. Add some wackiness with the Mattel Uno Emoji Card Game, available here, into the World Emoji Day gathering now!

Aquarius Emoji Playing Cards

Love playing drinking games and Uno Card Game is not your gang’s cup of tea? Well, fret not with Aquarius Emoji Playing Cards on Amazon! You will still get to immerse in some Emoji fun while doing something you love. 

Aquarius Emoji Playing CardsPhoto Credits: Amazon

Officially licensed with a linen type finishing, the Aquarius Playing Cards contains 52 different (wow!) images in each deck. The deck is suitable for almost all types of games – blackjack, poker, baccarat, etc. Get this today and inject some Emoji love into your otherwise mundane casino games. 

A Step By Step Emoji Drawing Guide for Children in Simple Steps (Vol. 7)

If you’re looking for something for the younger children at the party, this Step By Step Emoji Drawing Guide for Children by Rachel A Goldstein is the perfect choice and it can be purchased from Amazon!

A Step By Step Emoji Drawing GuidePhoto Credits: Amazon

This book contains instructions to teach your child how to draw emojis with the easiest approach possible. Drawing, cartooning and colouring is fun for kids, especially if it is easy for them! With a total of 58 pages, this book will keep the children busy for the whole duration of the party. 

Popculta 60pcs Glossy Cute Emoji Gift Party Favour Bags

It’ll be nice to give out goodie bags at the end of the party and if you’re thinking of that, you can consider the cute Emoji gift party favour bags from Popculta.

Popculta 60pcs Glossy Cute Emoji Gift Party Favour BagsPhoto Credits: Amazon

The Popculta gift party favour bags set includes a total of 60 pieces Emoji themed bags that comes in four different emoticons. Made of high quality, extra thick and strong plastic, the party favour bags measures 9.5″ x 13.5″ and is able to hold quite a few items.

With the #WorldEmojiDay coming up, use it as an excuse to organise a party with all your friends! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all the items that you need. Also, you may consider adapting some ideas off from our previous posts for your party – Things to Buy for National Ice-Cream Day or Things to Buy This Summer have great deals in them so do check them out 🙂 

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