16 July: Things to Buy for National Ice-Cream Day

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2017 zoomed past so quickly and we’re already in July. It’s the third Sunday in July next weekend which means.. the long-awaited National Ice-Cream Day is finally just ten days away! We can’t hide our excitement any longer and have decided to come up with an Ice-Cream theme post to commemorate one of our favourite national celebrations!

Senhai Ice-Cream Popsicle Mould Set with Collapsible Funnel

Celebrate National Ice-Cream Day with some bonding activities with your family over the weekends! With Senhai Ice-Cream Popsicle Mould Set, available on Amazon, your house will be filled with so much fun and laughter as the kids conduct their own mini experiments to obtain that yummy flavour which will melt the hearts of everyone. 

Senhai Ice-Cream Popsicle Mould Set with Collapsible FunnelPhoto Credits: Amazon

The ice-cream popsicle mould set consists a total of eight packs of silicone ice-cream maker with lids attached (you don’t need to worry that you’ll misplace them!) and they all come in bright vivid colours, which are appealing to kids. The assortment of colours also makes it easier to differentiate the various ice-cream flavours.

Made of  100% FDA food-grade durable silicone, these moulds are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. It is also very easy to use – simply pour your favourite juice or yoghurt (using the collapsible funnel provided) and add small cubes of fruits into the mould. After which, cover the mould with its tight-fitting lid, then place them in the fridge to freeze. Your yummy healthy frozen treats are now ready to be consumed! 

An affordable and fun family-bonding activity with treats to be served and enjoyed at the end of the day. What are you waiting for? Get your set from here now.

AMGlobal Popsicle Summer Outdoor Pool Float

National Ice-Cream Day is all about ice-cream! So, what better way to celebrate the yearly national celebration than to relax on AMGlobal colourful popsicle float with an ice-cream in hand? The AMGlobal Popsicle Summer Outdoor Pool Float can be purchased from here.

AMGlobal Popsicle Summer Outdoor Pool FloatPhoto Credits: Amazon

The popsicle summer outdoor pool float is compact when deflated, allowing you to carry it around easily. When inflated, it measures approximately 31.5″ x 59″, which is the perfect size for you to lounge and relax. The pool float is made of thick and durable non-phthalates material, ensuring that it will serve you through the many summers and national ice-cream days to come. For more things to buy for the summer, you may refer to our previous post here.

Thumbs Up! Ice-Cream Door Stopper 

If you’re thinking of holding a party at your place over the National Ice-Cream Day, this Ice-Cream Door Stopper from Thumbs Up! will be a great buy.

Thumbs Up! Ice-Cream Door Stopper Photo Credits: Amazon

With rough measurements of 4.5″ x 4″ x 3.5″, this wacky door stopper resembles a dropped ice-cream cone which looks so realistic that your guests might mistaken it to be real! Made of durable plastic and nicely weighted, the Thumbs Up! Ice-Cream Door Stopper will hold fast to hard surfaces – perfect to prop open your door. Say goodbye to loud banging of the doors during the gathering!

Happy Natt Ice-Cream Cone Embroidered Iron On

Got a tee or shorts with an unsightly hole but you can’t bear to throw them away because of sentimental value? Well, we’ve the solution for you! With the Ice-Cream Cone Embroidered Iron On from Happy Natt, you can flaunt your newly-designed old tee or shorts to all your guests. 

Happy Natt Ice-Cream Cone Embroidered Iron OnPhoto Credits: Amazon

At 1.9″ x 3.25″, the ice-cream cone embroidered iron on should fit any patch. The iron is is safe and non-toxic and able to be iron-on or sew to any types of fabric. With detailed embroidery, this ice-cream cone embroidered iron on is sure to turn heads of all ice-cream lovers (which also equates to everyone in the world!). Love this but don’t have any clothes that require repairs? Iron it on just for aesthetic purpose! No one will say no to more ice-cream, right?

The Happy Natt Ice-Cream Cone Embroidered Iron On is easy to apply. Before application, ensure that your garment is washed and dried. Place the iron on at the desired location and cover it with a thin piece of cloth. With the ‘hot cotton’ setting, start ironing and apply firm pressure evenly across the cloth for around half a minute. After which, iron on the opposite side to reinforce. Yes, you’d only need to follow the steps above-mentioned and you’re good to go! Do remember to turn your garment inside out and use gentle wash cycle after the application of the iron on. Get your cute iron on from Amazon today.

Kate Spade New York Women’s Ice Pop Coin Purse

Make your special someone smile on National Ice-Cream Day with the Ice Pop Coin Purse from Kate Spade New York. 

Screen shot 2017-07-07 at 3.54.15 AMPhoto Credits: Amazon

At 2.25″ x 1″ x 5.5″, the Kate Spade New York Ice Pop Coin Purse is of a suitable size to keep all her shillings. The Kate Spade New York coin purse was designed to look just like a popsicle – the perfect gift for your fun, charming and summer lovin’ girlfriend. The wraparound zip makes it easier for her to retrieve the coins and it opens to a lined interior. If she keeps complaining how heavy or bulky her purse is, this is the gift made just for her so wait no longer and get it from here today.

FEBNISCTE Ice-Cream 16GB USB2.0 Memory Stick

Thinking of surprising your girlfriend but think that the Kate Spade New York Women’s Ice Pop Coin Purse is not her type? How about getting a cute ice-cream USB memory stick for her from FEBNISCTE then?

FEBNISCTE Ice-Cream 16GB USB2.0 Memory StickPhoto Credits: Amazon

Suitable as an any-occasion gift, this creative USB memory stick is practical for anyone and everyone. In today’s world, we rely heavily on technology – at home and at the workplace – and have data all over the place. As such, the ice-cream USB memory stick makes a functional gift as the user can transfer data from the different electronic devices easily and reliably. Nay to ugly-looking USB memory sticks and yay to the wacky ice-cream USB memory stick from FEBNISCTE.

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